Friday, October 28, 2011

maui makani classic day 1

Well, day 1 was a lay day due to lack of waves.

No big deal, since today (Friday, day 2) there will be a north swell hitting. Too bad the wind should be pretty light, so I think Matt Pritchard should call it off again.

This is the weather map in fact and that is definitely not the best isobaric configuration for a day of strong trades. We'll see, Maui can always do the magic...

Below is the wind forecast from

Now, based on the wave forecast too and considering that they only have three days of permit till Tuesday to run the contest, here's what I would do:
Run and finish all single eliminations (and eventually start some double) on Saturday and Sunday. Take a break on Monday and then run the final day on Tuesday (last day of the waiting period) with a classic Hookipa day with a 6 feet swell (the one being generated as I type by that fetch just over the date change line) and light wind.

Here's the heat draw of the old fart category,
What a bummer that I ended up in the same heat as Jeff and Colin. And it seems that also Reed (who I don't know) is on Hot Sails too... oh well, at least two Hot sailors are guaranteed to advance!

See you at the beach!

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enricowave said...

In bocca al lupo!!!!
Good Luck!!!