Monday, October 31, 2011

maui makani classic day 4

Day 4 saw some very mediocre conditions.

Seen the good wave forecast for the last two days (Monday and Tuesday), head judge Matt Pritchard decided to complete the single elimination for all the other categories other than experts.

Once I figured that my heat of the Masters double elimination was not going to be run, I went to work to give Alex a bit of rest (Russ is busy full time at the contest, so Alex is taking all the shifts...).
I didn't take any photo, so I picked a few shots from this gallery .

This is me in the warm up session.

This is a lovely lady in the cool down session.

I guess also this one can be called a top turn at Hookipa.

This is the NW buoy 6am readings. The new NW swell is on its way up at 5.5 feet, 16 seconds from 343 degrees (which is a direction that is not blocked at all on Maui's north shore).
The Waimea buoy reads 2.6 feet, so expect the swell to build throughout the day.

The wind is forecasted to be light, but I hope the Haleakala will do its magic and it will be a great day of action. Follow it on the live webcast.

If you prefere surfing instead, here's the live webcast of a surf contest at Sunset beach on Oahu. There's occasional overhead sets rolling through... allright!

Maui boy Joao Marco Maffini is up next at 8.55 am... go Joao Marco!!!

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