Saturday, October 22, 2011

models changed!

Good news!

As you can see from the below map (still 29th, like last post), the models now don't show that weak low pressure anymore and there's at least a couple of isobars (the 1016 and the 1012) running parallel over the islands.
That is far from being the classic strong trades configuration, but at least will assure an easterly flow that, if the sky will be clear, could allow the Haleakala to do the magic.
The big low on the very top will provide plenty waves too, so all of a sudden things are looking much better!

Don't forget the party at Kanaha Kai tonight and this is an aerial of me caught by Jimmie Hepp.
Totally went off the back, didn't even land it, but it looks cool anyway...

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Tanya De Leeuw said...

Good news to see the improved surf forecast. Will there be a webcast of the event?

Great to see you back, GP!