Sunday, February 12, 2012

the amazing recovery ability of muscles

Photos from yesterday's action at Hookipa.

I'm gonna start the photo show with three shots of Jen Henderson

despite the fact that she hardly ever sails...

...she looked extremely comfortable in big waves

i think this is Lalo

a bit too big for Hurley Stone (I guess), so he chose to watch dad from the rocks


this top turn of Browzinho was one of the best I've ever seen. He's already the king of off the lip rotations, if he starts top turning like Levi, he's gonna be unstoppable.

him again

Francisco Porcella

Pato's rig, last time seen by human eye

Congratulations to Cookie for the new sponsorship!

Pascal was ripping quite Hardy!

interesting off the lip rotation by Dr. Drew


KP's bottom turn remains phenomenal

how's that wave? Mark.

without any possible doubt, Keith does the tighest and most vertical turns. By doing so, it's the law of physics, he loses some speed compared to other guys like Levi and Browsinho. Nonetheless, I found him very inspirational. Often when I'm on a wave I try to emulate his radius of turns. Good luck with that! 

Cookie aka Aurelien

Nick had an unfortunate session that ended up with a broken mast

the only reason why I don't have more photos of Ricardo is because he got in the water at the end of my photoshoot

he immediately showed a very aggressive style though. Another one that's sailing amazing.

Oh, the title.
Despite promises of taking a day off, I had two sessions also yesterday.
SUP in the morning and windsurfing in the afternoon. This last one went from good to very good to epic.
I went for an aerial that ended up being a proper one and ditched the gear because the landing in the white water looked a bit dodgy. Unfortunately with the leg on the mast. No big deal, just a big band on the muscle. Kept sailing without feeling any pain.
Then at home I could not walk. Ice, elevation, compression, all that stuff and this morning I can walk quite comfortably.
If it was a tendon or ligament or a fractured bone the recovery time would have been ridicolously worse.
In other words, muscles are my favorite body part to injure... :)

Also, thanks to that, I'm going to skip the surf session this morning! Thank god!!! Sailing looks epic again this afternoon. What a blast!!!

PS. I apoligize with Ross Williams. I had a shot of a crazy big aerial, but I deleted it. I think it's my first time ever I delete a shot, but it's not my mistake. Windows developers are pretty good at making things worse. One clear example is Windows Explorer. The XP version was way better than the Windows 7 version. Don't ask me why, there's like 100 little details I could mention...
Will look for it in the trash bin later, not I got no time.


Anonymous said...

My mate Aussie Matt will be in Maui in the next few days. Please get some pics of him GP. AAron

Ilan said...

Thanks for the report. We have posted it over at Thanks for keeping us up to date :-)

azuldeultramar said...

That top turn from Brawzinho really looks amazing!!!