Sunday, February 05, 2012

outstanding surfing

It's been a couple days of outstanding surfing here on Maui.

In Maui, in winter time, pretty much there's always waves. But Maui is a windy island (and wind related sport enthusiasts love it for that) and very rarely the surfing is world class.
But if a front gets close enough to the islands to block the trade winds and suck a little bit of air from the south, then everything changes.

This photo was posted by James Flynn on Facebook. It's Lanes on Saturday. I surfed there two hours in the morning.
And this morning Middles, believe it or not, was just as good.

It does not get better than this

The wind turned onshore this afternoon and it went from heaven to hell in about 5 minutes.
That's how important is the effect of the wind on the waves when they approach the shore line.

Next few days will see some more onshore winds and a very large and disorganized swell hitting.
Where to go in these days used to be a bit of a "secret", but there's no secrets anymore in the facebook era...

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