Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Today was a really good day

It started with a lovely surf session in head surf

I posted this photo on facebook with the caption:
Head high hookipa was fun surfing. Windsurfing will be just as fun later.

Later on I gladly found out that I was wrong: windsurfing was actually even more fun.

I was off and so I could do the early session, that ended up being by far the best before the wind got too strong for my taste.
With the first sets of a new WNW swell showing in the well overhead range (almost closing out the channel at times), the sunset session would have been totally epic. But you can't do sunset sessions at Hookipa, because the surfers go out.
I could have moved down the coast, but 4 hours in the water felt like enough.

Here's the shots I took.

Browsinho dominated

he's a goiter machine

while still working on perfecting his goiters, Morgan thought about giving backloops off the lip a try

Browsinho's top turns have improved greatly since he's been sailing Hookipa on a regular basis

sometimes he still eats it though

KP digs a crevasse up the face

Masa is from Omeazaki and sure doesn't mind strong wind. He's gonna be happy the next few days...

Morgan with a "simple" aerial



I'm glad I got at least a decent shot of Nathan, because he sailed consistently good. Like always.

this is Glenn in a photo taken by Ola. At the beginning it was just a few of us

last, and in this case definitely also least, this is me in a photo taken by Ola. Thanks.

Tomorrow is going to be another intense day.
A big WNW swell will peak in the morning. The NW buoys is reading 14.5ft @ 15s from 307°.

I'm gonna study this map and try to figure out a place where to surf. Good luck with that! Fortunately, I live one minute away from Hookipa, so the 6.30am surf check will give me the usual very important visual indicator. No buoy can replace that...

PS. Comment I put on Francky's facebook: Glenn and I were exhausted after 2 hours of sailing. When he saw me coming out of the water he rushed to me on the beach:"before you put your gear away, you might want to know that Francky has just got in the water", he said. "Shit! Ok, let's do 15 more minutes", I replied. Francky, that's what you do to vain windsurfers... which means to 99% of them! LOL

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