Friday, February 17, 2012

Griffin and the whale

Conditions at Hookipa yesterday were quite gnarly again.

Only about 10 guys out, a couple went on the rocks.

The photo of the day clearly goes to Griffin and the whale. He's looking at it through the window of the sail. That must have been quite a vision!

"Griffin and the whale"... could be a title of a book!

Unfortunately the photo is a bit blurred. I got some sharper ones at the end of the post.
Here's the other shots in chronological order.

a happy dad

Swifty and Philippe barely making it over a big one

uncle Robby in front of a big one

uncle Robby on top of a big one



little sequence of KP and Robby figure eighting... one a mast high wave!

Ross Williams illustrates again the technique of leaning the mast towards the wave when you know you're not gonna make it over it...

...didn't work this time

Paia Simmer shop manager Keith Holland




Before a fat whale section, here's a little clip. Sorry about the shaking, but I got hit by a really strong gust as soon as I started filming. I don't like using a trypode, all the shots I take are hands free. Well, I rest my arms on my beach chair...

And now here's the show a pod of whales put on... Griffin's shot was the last jump!

It's windy as hell here. I'll take more photos today, so stay tuned for another post.

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