Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Goodness, what a stretch of good sailing!

The wind has been offshore, strong and gusty, but despite that and mostly thanks to the gust absorbing capability of my 4.2 Superfreak (since this morning, there's also a 3.7 in my car!), I managed to have fun!

Take yesterday, for example.
 As you can see from the photos of this gallery from Jimmie, the mix of a NW ground swell and a ENE windswell provided some really fun head to mast high waves to play with!
The wind was horribly gusty, but thanks to the very offshore direction there were some really clean faces!

This photo was taken by Norm and it's from this gallery. How's that wave?

Today the ground swell was gone and it was mostly windswell. Still occasionally head high, so very fun in my world.

I took a few photos between sessions and the one of the day goes to Levi who is back after a small injury.
His tweaked aerial is for sure a trademark.

Chronologic order.
Jeff Henderson very rarely sails Hookipa. Nonetheless, he knows how.

Long time no see Pascal on this blog. Welcome back!



Ricardo, something off the lip


brother or friend of Browsinho, not sure


Heike. She did good on this one

Not so good on this one

The lifeguard launches his jet-ski throught he shore break

as sweet as it gets


The late session started to look extremely good (the wind was dieing and I had switched to a 4.5 Firelight), but, as it's always the case at Hookipa, the surfers showed up.
But I live a few hundred yard downwind and so I sailed to the neighborhood reef. It's a bit of a hassle when I do this, because then I have to go back to Hookipa on the bycle to get the car. But this time it's was totally worth it! The windswell provided clean open head high faces and the lip was extremely hittable.
I sailed good and that's always a great feeling.

Now, a few videos I just saw on Facebook.

This one shows thousands of dolphins swimming and jumping around a boat.

One day I was sailing on the west side with my friend Oly. Oly from England, to be precise...
At one point he sailed next to me and shouted:"there's thousands of dolphins out there! Come check it out!!!"
I followed him and he was right. We actually sailed in a situation like the one showed by this video.

Levi is an amazing sailor. But even for a guy like him, sticking two moves like those on the same wave totally calls for a claim. A well deserved one!

Joao Marco Maffini is the son of an italian friend of mine. He grew up in Maui, he's sixteen and that's how he surfs.

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