Thursday, March 29, 2012

photographers appreciation

I'm going to start this post by thanking all the photographers that shoot at Hookipa.

In this particular case, I had the huge honor of having the PWA official photographer John Carter think that I was going to do something worth it on that little ramp in front of me, raise his camera from and water and aim at me.
I was quite happy already that he did that. But he was also nice enough to send me the shot.
It's a small aerial, but at my level everything counts!
Thanks a lot John!

And then I also found out that James Flynn took the same shot from land. Thanks James too!

 Here's the shots I took instead in the break between sessions.



love this shot: Browsinho one hand goiter

another master photographer gets ready to shoot: Darrel Wong is a legend

Jesse Brown vertical goiter


two generations side by side: Kai and Robby

lovely shapes


Jesse again

Nik Baker's adjustable outhaul. I did a little interview with him, but it came out weird. I'll see if I can snag that thing from him before he leaves... it makes SOOOO much sense!

last time Boujmaa was helped by the same lifeguard, he was unconscious. So I guess a foot injury, as bad as it can be (no official news yet), can always be worse. I'm really sorry for him, and I wish him the best luck



Despite a vague resemblance with the above mentioned Nick Baker, this guy is clearly not a windsurfer... nor a surfer.

it's kinda funny to see the name of the country I was born in on a shirt... specially considering how low of an opinion I have of it

Jesse was on fire


One for the ladies

My friend Maya created this wind related sculpture and is looking for support.


Nord_Roi said...

Not a surfer or windsurfer...but a high % he is an Italian! ;-)

Anonymous said...


Robby seems to be wavesailing quite a bit lately. Is he still kiting? I'm secretely hoping he quit kiting because he realized that windsurfing is more fun ;-) Anyone knows?

Any chance of doing a quick interview with Uncle The King Robby at some point?

cammar said...

I just did a mini interview with him... check a few posts ago. But I have no idea about your question and, honestly, couldn't care less.
IMO windsurfing is not more fun that kiting. It all depends on the conditions.

Anonymous said...

That Quatro Quad in the pic is yours? ti new?
Any comments about it?

Best regards from Madrid!

cammar said...

the board is not mine, it's a great board and being a custom any comment I would eventually make, would not apply to any other boards.

Memetician said...

Thanks for the "One for the ladies." He's now my workplace computer's wallpaper.