Thursday, March 22, 2012

it can always be worse

As you can see, today it was quite bigger than yesterday.
These are the shots I took at Hookipa after work.

Philippe gets the shot of the day with this beautiful bottom turn in front of a monster that, despite the 11 seconds period, has definitely a throwing lip. Good job.

Chronological order.

Nice one Casey!

I asked the lady I was chatting with to do that for my camera... came out pretty good, don't you think?

Follow the track to notice the sharp adjustment Keith did. He was going kind of horizontal to get in front of the peak and when he got there he went up vertical... as he ALWAYS does.

Philippe again

And Keith again. If you do a poll among the Hookipa regulars on who is the best local sailor, you will get a few different names (Levi would have the majority, IMO). But if you ask them who they think is the one that goes more vertical, you'll only hear one name: Keith Teboul.


At least four waves in this set


After the photoshoot, I was heading to kanaha for the sunset session when something happened to my car. The engine stopped at the K-Mart traffic light, which had just turned red.

I quickly opened the hood and there was plenty vapor coming out of it.
"Oh shit..."
The green went on and I tried to start the car to pull over. It did start.
"Wait a moment, there's a mechanic just a block from here!"
The temperature gauge went quickly into the red zone and the car stopped again as I was pulling into the parking of the mechanic.
He was busy helping another customer (he's always busy, because he's really good), but he told me to wait.
After 30 minutes he took a look and found a cracked radiator hose.
At that point it was well past 5pm, but he said:"Napa closes at 6. Take my bicycle and go get a replacement hose"
Of course he found a few other things to fix in my 12 years old engine cooling system and it was around 7 when he said he was done.

In order to minimize the pain of the thought of the possibly epic session I was missing, during all the time I spent there, I was thinking about all the possible ways this "incident" could have been worse:
- could have been in the middle of the hana highway and not 100 yards from a mechanic shop
- could have overheated the engine and blew the head gasket (been there, done that)
- could have been a car accident, instead of a simple mechanic failure
- could have been a heart failure, instead of a engine one!!

I kept going and going and going... I'm really good at imagining how much worse things could be.
In the end, I was actually not pissed a tiny little bit about missing a session. I was just really stoked and grateful that this had happened the way it did.

I don't love everything about myself, but this is definitely a thing I absolutely adore about my attitude towards life.
It can always, always be worse. Unless you're Jeando, of course.
If you haven't seen the movie or read the book, I strongly recommend both for a new outlook on life.
It's called The diving bell and the butterfly.


Anonymous said...

or you could have been in Naples :-)

Anonymous said...

So you know :
Kanaha was not epic yesturday : it was fun... only :-)
Quite crowed, bumpy and wind was very strong... but indeed easy to sail.
See ya

cammar said...

OMG, yeah true... I could have been in Naples! That's a good one... I need to think about that more often!!!

G, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hey Camma, i disagree on the Naples fact. I would say: IF you still had a car but nobody had stolen your car yet, then you would have easily found someone helping you overthere! A Napoli si danno tutti una mano!
Ciao, Alessandro ;)

(Ben) Jamin Jones said...

I know very well what you mean. When our older car's transmission unexpectedly died (and so the car) a couple months back, before my big surgery I would have been very pissed. Now I just thought, this is no big deal! I'm still alive and on Maui. And then we got a newer, nicer car. And a few weeks after that I was back on the water.