Saturday, March 10, 2012

nel blu dipinto di blu

That's where my gear ended up after I barely managed to launch it over this big wave on my first reach out in yesterday's Hookipa session.

At this point, I'm in the water (not sure where) and I have no idea of what's happening to the gear.

But thanks to the photos of Jimmie Hepp in this gallery, I found out a few hours later on Facebook. How cool is that?!?!?

Here's my shots in chronological order. Unfortunately I had the camera set on VGA quality (had to take and email some photos of documents the day before), but I doubt that you guys will even notice the difference.

Keith up on a lip

This one deserves a few words.
I take photos for the fun of it. I don't take sequences, because it takes away the challenge of pushing the shutter at the right time. I don't do any editing (well, occasionally I do crop).
And I don't use a tripod or a big expensive camera, because that would not be fun for me. I sit on my beach chair by the guardrail (so that I can occasionally chat with whoever sits there) and rest my arms on the arm rests.
Said this, this photo is one of the best I've ever taken. I love when there's two sailors on two waves, but they're usually hard to frame or they're not doing the turns at the same time.
In this case Victor and Keith are both top turning and I just love the way this shot is framed. Lucky one!!!
synchronized sailing

I think this one gives a good idea of the gnarliness of the conditions. Phil McGain sailing in, Kevin Pritchard sailing out.

lifeguard goes to help someone on the rocks

Levi was CLEARLY the best out there. That happens a awful lot of times.

Leo Ray is in town

Levi flying over a huge section. Landed.

Every windsurfer at Hookipa loves this man... thanks Jimmie for your dedication!!!

10 seconds period and big!

Here's a quick interview with Levi. Once again I forgot to cover the microphone (it's called age, you guys..), so you can barely hear him. But some ladies will appreciate anyway...
BTW, Keith is rigging a 3.3...

I'd love to do a more complete session report, but I don't have time. I'm only going to mention that the Hookipa one was pure survival for me. Instead the SUP session in the morning was way more fun! Got to go to work!

PS. A few boards were lost at sea yesterday. If you found one and want to return, you can email me the details. Email is on the right.

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