Monday, March 26, 2012


Sorry, one day late. These are the photos of Sunday March 25th.

Photo of the day goes to Aurelien not only because it's pretty rad, but also because he's such a nice guy... so sweet that someone gave him the very appropriate nickname of Cookie.

Chronological order.
I wanted to take action shots of the ladies out, but two of them came out of the water just as I sat...

Mrs. Pompei

Ms. McAnena

Ben Profitt is on the island

Robby had a blast today

if I had to use one word to describe Sean Ordonez's sailing, it would be: elegance. I think I could give a one word definition for all Hookipa sailors... maybe one day I'll do a post about it

I wonder if Musso is still unhappy about his timing

Bernd was in jumping mood

I was playing with the digital zoom... Robby


I though Robby was going to jump on this wave. Instead he did a stylish duck jibe...

...and that was a good idea!

also because he jumped the on the next wave!

and I'm going to end this mini Naish sequence, by posting this fall on a chop. Sorry uncle Robby, but that makes me feel better about my horrible performance in my first windy session.

A few contributions now.

This is Diony, taken from a gallery by Globalshots.

This is one the best surfing shot I've ever seen. Photo by Stuart Gibson.

Kauli is on the island with his gorgeous girlfriend. Photo by Jimmie Hepp.

Last, and in this case definitely not least, here's how my latest project is proceeding. Guesses are welcome.

Just a few words to add that after an early very crowded session in choppy waves, Sunday I scored an amazing late session. For 45 minutes it was two windsurfers (I was one of them) and two surfers sharing glassy shoulder to overhead waves at The point.

Thank god for light wind.


Fede said...

Don't know if it's the color of the board or the athletic gesture or what else... but Sean's pic is beautiful.. I love it and I agree elegance is the right description!

John Shoresurf said...

Wow.. Really great surfing.. awesome.