Monday, March 12, 2012

what a guy!

Today it rained pretty much all day and I don't think there has been much action at Hookipa.

Yesterday instead, there was.

This is the blog author in a fine bottom turn (relative to his skill, of course), captured by Jimmie Hepp and published in this gallery.
That is one of the best windsurfing shots I have. Might easily be the best one, really...

After my two sessions (first one out at 11.30 with super light wind, very tough conditions and a looong swim in an outrageous current), the light wasn't good anymore and I lazily only took a few photos.


lady passing by



I just saw this great interview with Mark Angulo on the boardseekermag website, and I liked it so much that I have to embed it here.
What a guy!

Forecast sucks, but that's ok.
I can't always be epic, otherwise it wouldn't be epic anymore...

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