Saturday, November 01, 2014

11 1 14 morning call

4am main swell buoy readings:

Maui north shore
8ft @ 8s from 48° (NE)
5.9ft @ 12s from 356° (N)
0.6ft @ 3s from 74° (ENE)

West lanai
1.8ft @ 8s from 173° (S)
1.7ft @ 14s from 210° (SSW)
0.9ft @ 6s from 351° (N)
0.8ft @ 12s from 238° (WSW)

8 at 8 and 6 at 12, there's a lot of waves on the north shore.
The trick will be to pick a spot that will filter some of that energy and provide some clean rides.
The west side and Honolua bay are the easiest calls, but there's room for some creativity.
Great action yesterday at the Aloha Classic with the start of the PWA contest. They're two heats short of the final of the single elimination, so plenty more action since it's going to be windy again.
Below is the weather map that clearly shows that.
Have fun in the sun everyone!

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