Thursday, November 27, 2014

11 27 14 morning call

4am main swell buoy readings:

5.8ft @ 13s from 8° (N)
4.5ft @ 6s from 23° (NNE)
4.1ft @ 9s from 3° (N)
3.1ft @ 10s

Maui north shore (indicative of what's in the water on Maui's north shore)
8.2ft @ 13s from 6° (N)           
6.1ft @ 11s from 12° (NNE)
3.9ft @ 6s from 43° (NE)
1.9ft @ 4s from 53° (ENE)

West lanai Maui north shore (indicative of what's in the water on Maui's south shore)
1.5ft @ 3s from 26° (NNE)
1.4ft @ 14s from 285° (WNW)
1.1ft @ 11s from 293° (WNW)

1.2ft @ 9s from 284° (WNW)

Also today some serious numbers on the buoys!
The graph below shows that the NNE swell peaked during the night in Maui, but there's still plenty size out there.

And plenty there will be for a couple of more days, as the fetch to the NNE of the islands indicates in the weather map below.

Look for places that like a NNE direction and you'll have plenty thanks to give today.

Have fun in the sun everyone!

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