Sunday, November 02, 2014

11 2 14 morning call

5am main swell buoy readings:

Maui north shore
6.5ft @ 9s from 67° (ENE)
3.9ft @ 11s from 2° (N)

West lanai
1.9ft @ 13s from 199° (SSW)
1.8ft @ 7s from 165° (SSE)
1.6ft @ 9s from 165° (SSE)
0.8ft @ 18s from 199° (SSW)

Everything went as predicted at the Aloha Classic so far. They're still running the PWA double elimination and, as the buoy clearly shows, today there's still waves on offer even though smaller than the past few days.

The rest of the week instead, all of a sudden, doesn't look as good anymore for the remaining of the AWT categories.
The map below is forecasted to happen on Tuesday the 4th and you can see how the trade winds will be shut down by that small low that will form north of the islands.

After that, if I look at the GFS maps for the rest of the week, I don't see anything good from the wind point of view. It might as well end up as a great PWA and AWT pro contest, but a poor one for the other categories. And there might be people wondering why the AWT has given the best days to the PWA.

Wave wise, this is definitely not the kind of El Nino conditions every surfer was hoping for, but we're only at the start of the winter, so things can change.

Have fun in the sun everyone.
Gonna be a bit challenging in the early morning, since there's some clouds over Maui, but the sun can shine inside your soul without having to necessarily be out in the sky.
Yeah whatever, go get them!

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