Thursday, November 06, 2014

4am main swell buoy readings:

Maui north shore
8.1ft @ 10s from 346° (NNW)  
Waimea bay
5.5ft @ 10s from 332° (NNW)                     
5.2ft @ 11s from 328° (NW)

West lanai
1.2ft @ 14s from 210° (SSW)
1.2ft @ 10s from 298° (WNW)
1.2ft @ 7s from 240° (WSW)
1.2ft @ 11s from 286° (WNW)

Wow! 8f 10s from 346 are going to be interesting to surf this morning!
I believe this pulse of the swell is on the way down, because it peaked at the Waimea buoy last night around 8-9pm, as the graph below clearly shows.

Still, 8 feet are 8 feet!

Below is the wind map of this morning. Big beautiful captured fetch up there south of the Kurils, we all know that is going to send big waves towards the weekend, but we also know that the wind will be a bit weird, for sure not good for sailing on the north shore.

Maui county @ 2km has not updated their wind forecast, but I'm gonna call a final day of competition at the AWT contest. Maybe not right away at 10.30. Maybe a little later in the day the offshore wind should be able to hug the coastline enough for the head judge to send out the Masters division. I really hope so, because that means more fun in the water for me!

Wish me luck and have fun in the sun everyone!

PS. Well, maui count @ 2km just updated their maps, and it looks like we might be running 11 to 2!


Nelisblog said...

Great to see ands hear(!) you live at the PWA livestream! Your local knowledge about the spot was very nice to listen to and giving feedback on the heats.

cammar said...