Tuesday, May 10, 2016

5 10 16 morning call

Double session yesterday, this is from the first one in Lahaina.

This is a little clip I took. I got some decent speed on that wave (love my KT board), but missed bashing the last section that was begging for it.

First session got a bit too windy (and cold!) soon, so I went to check the bay and scored. View from above.

It got bigger and bigger while I was out and these are a few shots from the water.

I did my usual mistake of grabbing rail and staying high to make a section that did not require me to. Could have easily gone to turns, but I did enjoy the vision of the well overhead (even if it doesn't look like) wall.

There you go brah, you can click on the photo and save the image as you wish.

Significant buoy readings at 5am
4.2ft @ 11s from 355° (N)

5.8ft @ 12s from 348° (NNW)           
4.9ft @ 9s from 358° (N)

1.8ft @ 13s from 189° (S)

Almost 6f 12 s from 348 is what Surfline was calling yesterday and there it is at the Pauwela buoy. South swell almost gone at Barbers (not much at the Lahaina webcam).

Wind map shows a wek NW fetch and an even weaker N one that will keep a bit of energy from that direction going also tomorrow.

Sotuh Pacific has a small fetch, Tasman sea about to get strong tomorrow.

MCa2m map at noon shows a better direction, but still a bit more onshore than regular trades.

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