Sunday, May 29, 2016

5 29 16 morning call

Another double Lahaina side session day for me. The photo below is from the early morning one.

The mid morning one was at Thousand Peaks on the SUP and once again that was the most fun. What I like about those is the complete lack of the urge to perform that I somehow manage to put into my head when I have a high performance shortboard under my feet. I need to work on that aspect and make even the shortboard sessions a bit more zen.

Anyway, conditions were fun all morning for the third day in a row of this Tasman swell. Before of which, they were fun because of the previous swells, so if you've not been going that way, you've been missing out on some fun.

South Pacific map of 7 days ago (22nd) shows another Tasman sea fetch, so we should have more energy from that direction (confirmed by the Lanai buoy reading below).

4am significant buoy readings:
3.8ft @ 8s from 76° (ENE)

2ft @ 14s from 205° (SSW)

2.1ft @ 15s from 164° (SSE)                      
1.5ft @ 12s from 205° (SSW)

Nothing on the north shore yet, but there might be something later on today and tomorrow.
Still a couple of feet 14s from the Tasman swell at the Lanai buoy, looks like Lahaina is the spot again. Interesting different direction at the Barbers buoy. Could be from that fetch east of New Zealand from 8 days ago (map on yesterday's call).

Wind map at noon shows very little wind everywhere. Gonna be a hot day.

North Pacific shows the couple of lows that are killing the trades and their related fetches that won't make much waves for us, but hopefully enough to keep the flatness away in a few days.

Tiny insignificant fetch down south. It should get better in the next few days.

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