Wednesday, May 18, 2016

5 18 16 morning call

Didn't get in the water at all yesterday and apparently I missed a short opportunity of an hour in the morning in which The Point was good. The source of this information is reliable, otherwise I would have not believed it, considering how bad the conditions were for the rest of the day.

Here's how I spent my morning off instead: with the help of and the Indonesia Wave Finder guide, I put 12 new spots on my google map that I plan on surfing this summer. Those little stars will be extremely helpful when cruising on those sign-less roads on my bike.
Smart phones, gps and google maps made surfing exploration SO MUCH easier!

Significant buoy readings 4am:
3.8ft @ 9s from 344° (NNW)

4.2ft @ 8s from 82° (E)

1.2ft @ 15s from 190° (S)

2.0ft @ 15s from 172° (S)

Buoys are pretty self explanatory (also because I'm cleaning off the readings of all those tiny disturbing other swells): there's a bit of short period energy from the NW at the NW buoy, which we hope to see later today.
In the meantime, we'll have to live with the windswell which is rapidly building and should continue to do so for the rest of the week.
Lanai is reading a mere 1.2f 15s, Barbers a little more, but no sign of the longer period Tasman originated swell just yet.

Overall, it should be another poor day for surfing in Maui, even though the set I caught on the webcam in Lahaina (on the right) doesn't look too bad. I'll check Hookipa first, expect a beach report from there.

Another very windy day on the two models at the bottom of the windguru page.

Wind map shows a fairly big and well oriented windswell fetch and a tiny NW one.

Complex situation down south, three lows are doing the southern version of the Fujiwara thing and only offering three tiny fetches for us.

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