Monday, May 23, 2016

5 23 16 morning call

I surfed Hookipa in the morning with a longboard and it was kinda fun. After work, I did a solo SUP downwinder and after that I went again to Hookipa to check the surf. There were some head high half decent windswell waves at The Point (Pavils was choked), but I couldn't find the motivation. Also because a couple of young ladies were photoshooting each other on the beach and the level of distraction was elevated.

4-5am significant buoy readings
5ft @ 8s from 57° (ENE)

1.2ft @ 14s from 205° (SSW)

South Pacific weather map of 7 days ago shows a pretty decent fetch just barely east of New Zealand and that's where those 1.2f 14s are coming from. Or is it that other mini fetch to the west of it? Probably a mix. We'll never know and we'll never care, really.
I have a SUP lesson, so I'll try to send a quick report from the Lahaina side, but it looks pretty small on the webcam.

The big Monday swell (so it was their Monday) did hit Cloudbreak and the internet is flooded with features and reports. Aaron Gold nearly drowned and here's some pics of the waves. Congrats to Maui boy Francisco Porcella for what they called "the best barrel of the day... Not the biggest, but the prettiest and the longest". Photo n.4.

Windguru's bottom of the page wind prediction for the day.

Wind map shows the windswell fetch (kinda shrinking) and a new weak NW one. The associated low will moderately spin in that place for a few days and slow down the trades a bit. But it's the low to the west of it that will set up a decent fetch. 3f 11s from 318 forecasted by Surfline for Monday (a week from today).

Tasman sea still going strong in the south Pacific. We'll see more crazy action from Fiji, that's for sure.
The globe is off center because I wanted to include a time stamp, otherwise things might get a bit confusing, with my new feature of publishing the wind map of 7 days ago, which I hope someone will appreciate. Can't believe I didn't do it before, really... too much work to scroll down 7 posts to check it out!

One more board for sale: a Naish SUP 9.3x29 1/4 for $550. This is the craigslist ad.

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