Monday, May 01, 2017

5 1 17 morning call

Between jet lag, rain and lack of conditions, I managed to stay dry also yesterday. I did drive to Lahaina though (the intention was there), but couldn't get motivated by this little offshore peak. I guess a trip to the Mentawais shows its down side when you come back.

This is yesterday's beautiful sunset in a photo by Jimmie Hepp.

Let's not celebrate the vision of the blue sky too early, this is the 6am satellite picture. Still plenty rain south of us.

6am significant buoy readings
South shore

1.8ft @ 17s from 194° (SSW)
1.8ft @ 13s from 195° (SSW)

The new long period pulse arrived, check the webcam for size and consistency. For what I saw, it's onshore over on the Lahaina side.

North shore
7.6ft @ 9s from 40° (NE)

5.3ft @ 9s from 353° (N)

7.2ft @ 8s from 73° (ENE)

Purely windswell from a direction parallel to the north shore coast here in Maui, I had to wait quite a bit to see a wave breaking on the webcam at Hookipa. Good news is that the wind is favorable as the sensor reads 5(3-8)mph from the SE at 7.15am

Later on today, the trades might perform an early come back, as depicted by the euro model closeup below. All the models on the Windguru page (GFS, NAM and HRW) don't seem to agree though, so don't put too much hope into that.

Current wind map shows:
1) decent NW fetch that should give life to a small NW swell for Wed/Thu. A much bigger one is forecasted for Monday next week
2) windswell fetch
3) a California shaped south fetch
4) a tiny SE fetch

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