Saturday, May 06, 2017

Saturday 5 6 17 morning call

Another dry day for me, I just can't get motivated by what's available. You can call it wave-quality-jet-lag and I haven't got over that one just yet.

This photo from this gallery by Jimmie Hepp illustrates that there were occasional overhead waves.

5am significant buoy readings
South shore
Surfline forecast calls for 1.2f 11s + 0.4f 16s and that's very small stuff. Lahaina webcam confirms that.

North shore
3.2ft @ 10s from 10° (N)

5.3ft @ 8s from 44° (NE)
2.7ft @ 6s from 71° (ENE)

Not much to comment on the buoy readings: what you see is what we have: 5f of 8s windswell, at least from an unblocked 44 degrees direction. Don't have too many expectations for tomorrow either, as the NOAA WW3 model only calls for 1f 17s at 6pm (Surfline 2f 15s at 8pm).  That means that in Maui the new NW swell will pretty much only show on Monday with a peak height now downgraded to 4f 13s in the afternoon. We'll know more tomorrow morning, you never know, the WW3 model can be off with the timing sometimes.

Another beautiful trades kind of sky.

Another beautiful trades kind of day.

Current wind map shows:
1) the NW fetch still hangin in there. Good, that gives at least 3 solid days of swell with an extra mini pulse on Wednesday
2) windswell fetch
3) southerly fetch

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