Sunday, May 07, 2017

5 7 17 morning call

Another dry day for me (must be a record spell), which I used to visit a couple of farmers' markets. I think I got a bit carried away...

Most windsurfers are not as picky as I am, and that's the conditions they tackled in the afternoon. Photo by Jimmie Hepp from this gallery.

Also Maui's T-Rex went windsurfing, but he found it more challenging than SUP surfing...

Significant buoy readings 5am
South shore
Surfline forecast calling for 0.5f 15s from 188 and I did see a belly high wave on the Lahaina webcam (wasn't quick enough to capture it). Not much after it, so you want to check it out yourself before eventually driving over there to spend the Sunday (always a favorite of the north shore residents, at least in this time of the year). From home, I'll call it flat to tiny, with a very occasional knee to waist high set.
What I can help you with, is posting the wind map of a week ago (April 30) that does show a little fetch SE of New Zealand. That should make for a decent set once in a (long) while.

North shore
5.9ft @ 14s from 313° (NW)

1.3ft @ 15s from 303° (WNW)

0.7ft @ 16s from 323° (NW)

4.8ft @ 8s from 68° (ENE)                      
0.3ft @ 16s from 43° (NE)
New NW swell hitting all the buoys, and just starting to come down the islands chain. The two red arrows I put on the NW101 buoy indicate where the swell went from 2 to 6 feet. By applying GP's rule of thumb for the travelling times (16h @ 16s +/- 1h/1s), at 14s we have a travelling time of 18h and I reflected that on the Pauwela's graph. The red dotted line is what I think the swell is going to do in Maui, so maybe a bit bigger than those forecasts I reported yesterday in the late afternoon and at sunset.
Until then, the usual windswell which today is registering almost 5f 8s from a 68 degrees direction.

Another trades kind of sky.

Another trades kind of day. Pretty easterly.

Current wind map shows:
1) the NW fetch responsible for tonight's swell now getting pretty weak and aiming not at us anymore
2) couple of windswell fetches that look like radation lobes
3) an extremely weak southerly fetch that won't make anything for us.
Overall, a poor day for wave generation towards Hawaii. Better start getting used to that.

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