Saturday, May 13, 2017

Saturday 5 13 17 morning call

I'm accepting/embracing/enjoying the dry days like yesterday like a champ these days. Few months ago, I would have gone crazy. But social media doesn't help and tries to torture me with pictures like this of massive three times overhead Uluwatu a couple of days ago. Photo by Don Chao from this Facebook post.

Or videos like this of HT's and Lances left on May 2nd.

5am significant buoy readings
South shore

2.5ft @ 13s from 161° (SSE)
2.1ft @ 13s from 166° (SSE)

Couple of outer buoys reading southerly energy. It's not big, but the south shore is the place to be if you want to surf today. Check the webcams.  That's a little set I just caught. If the outside guys let it go, there's probably bigger ones.

North shore
6.5ft @ 8s from 71° (ENE)
Purely windswell on the north shore. Pretty windy at Hookipa already at 6am: 15(9-21)mph from 78.
I won't waste those three minutes that it takes me to go take a picture and post a beach report.

Wind maps at 2pm show the usual strong easterlies.

Current wind map shows:
1) decent little NW fetch (3f 12s on Thursday)
2) well positioned windswell fetch
3) decent little S fetch
Not a bad day of wave generation for Hawaii, after all.

Today's morning sky.

Lastly,  my friends Manu and Carinne are living their dream life. These guys have been everywhere. This time they went to the Fanning island, which, I confess, I never even heard about.

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