Tuesday, May 02, 2017

5 2 17 morning call

Third consecutive dry day for me, I'm gonna end the spell today. Don't have a photo of the day, I'm gonna use this Costa Rican beauty randomly found on Facebook.

4am significant buoy readings
South shore

3.3ft @ 15s from 195° (SSW)                       
0.9ft @ 11s from 203° (SSW)
South swell went up, that's where the action is today. Check the webcams.

North shore
4.2ft @ 8s from 75° (ENE)
1.9ft @ 12s from 314° (NW)
5ft @ 8s from 77° (ENE)
2.4ft @ 5s from 82° (E)
0.6ft @ 13s from 25° (NNE)
A hint of NW at the NW buoy. It started around midnight and by applying GP's rule of thumb for the travelling time (16h @ 16s +-1h/s), at 11s it should take around 21h to get here. Which means 9pm, so it seems like tomorrow. And it's fairly small. Surfline does call for a sliver of energy this afternoon, but I wouldn't expect much. In the meantime, 5f 8s from 77 will make for tiny waves at Hookipa. Maybe check the Waiehu side that yesterday was like shoulder high and today could be waist to chest.
Easterly light trades in the afternoon (map below is euro model at 2pm), but it shouldn't be enough for sailing.

There's still clouds south of us, but our sky is completely clear at the moment.

Current wind map shows:
1) a new small WNW fetch. This will evolve into a much bigger/stronger fetch in the next few days and that will generate a decent swell peaking Monday at 6.6f 15s from 315.
2) a moderate NNW fetch. Starting tomorrow, this fetch will provide us with small NW energy.
3) the California shaped south fetch is still there. It should get stronger and Surfline is calling for a couple of feet, 14s Wednesday/Thursday next week.

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