Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Tuesday 6 12 18 morning call

A SUP and a longboard session for me yesterday.

Auntie has one of the best (intentional) ski stances in the game.

Sorry, I forgot to post the promised mid morning update from the south shore. The waves did get a tiny bit bigger than reported already, here's an example of a belly high one.

4am significant buoy readings
South shore

2.2ft @ 13s from 145° (SE)

1.7ft @ 13s from 145° (SE)

1.7ft @ 13s from 145° (SE)

2.3ft @ 13s from 182° (S)

South swell down to 13s and barely a couple of feet, my guess for the size is knee to waist at most. Of course, some select spots might focus the energy better and offer the occasional bigger sets, but I'm talking the average size of the waves. Because of the extreme low tide at 8am, I'm taking it easy this morning and will drive there a bit later than usual. Stay tuned for a beach report.

North shore
4.6ft @ 8s from 84° (E)
3.2ft @ 6s from 78° (ENE)

Only windswell at Hookipa (probably waist to shoulder high), the NW energy from the fetches we've observed the past few days will only arrive later in the week. Winds were not too strong and consequently the periods didn't build, so the waves are slower than we're used to in winter time when they get 16+s.

Wind map at noon.

North Pacific has those two westerly lows offering small fetches and starting to play with each other. And the windswell fetch.

South Pacific still has a decent fetch in the same position since the last three days.

Morning sky.

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