Sunday, June 17, 2018

Sunday 6 17 18 morning call

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A SUP foiling session for me yesterday. The first of the Maui Race Series went down at Kanaha yesterday, here's a photo by Jimmie Hepp from this gallery.

4am significant buoy readings
South shore

4.6ft @ 14s from 173° (S)

3.2ft @ 14s from 240° (WSW)           
2.7ft @ 12s from 187° (S)
3.3ft @ 13s from 173° (S)
2.3ft @ 11s from 172° (S)
3.2ft @ 14s from 196° (SSW)                      
2.7ft @ 12s from 195° (SSW)
Directions all over the place at the buoys (that's why I never really consider them), what counts is that there is still an average of 3f 14s of south swell in the water. The waves weren't pumping as I was hoping yesterday (best day of this swell was Friday), so let's set the expectations kinda low this time on waist to occasionally chest high.

North shore
4.7ft @ 8s from 59° (ENE)
2.6ft @ 11s from 334° (NNW)
1.9ft @ 10s from 333° (NNW)

NNW energy winding down, but still providing fun size waves at Hookipa with clean wind conditions in the early morning.

Wind map at noon.

No fetches of relevance in the North Pacific.

South Pacific has an extremely remote fetch. If that swell is ever going to make it here, it'll be in at least 9 days.

Morning sky.

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