Thursday, June 21, 2018

Thursday 6 21 18 morning call

A SUP session for me yesterday, before I engaged myself in the wonderful challenge of transferring skills and knowledge. The very satisfying results are shown in the photo below. Without a doubt, windfoiling (with a slow foiling foil, like the SUP/surf foils) remains the easiest way to learn how to foil. If you know how to windsurf, of course.

4am significant buoy readings
South shore

1.8ft @ 11s from 189° (S)

Still something at Barbers (but not detected at the outer buoys), once in a while Ala Moana gets a belly high set like the one in the photo below, otherwise mostly flat even over there (without the blockage of Kahoolawe). Today my guess for Maui is flat to knee high, with occasional higher sets up to thigh.

North shore
3.4ft @ 9s from 48° (NE)
2.7ft @ 5s from 85° (E)

That's probably a better choice than going south, as Hookipa might still have some waist to chest high waves. I'll report from there around 6.30ish. Predicted to get windy by 7am though.

Wind map at noon.

North Pacific has the tiniest NNW fetch you can think of. It might manage to send us some ripples though.

Once again, we got to look really deep south to find a fetch eventually oriented towards us in the South Pacific. I say eventually, because down there the distortion introduced by flattening on a map a curved section of the globe is higher than closer to the equator and since the great circle rays map on the right doesn't reach down there, I'm not really sure those winds are really oriented towards us.
But I circled in red as a sign of good hope. The blue part instead is a swell oriented towards the Americas and hopefully we'll get some angular spreading out of it. Hawaii is where the red X is.

Morning sky.

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