Friday, June 15, 2018

Friday 6 15 18 morning call

A day of rest for me yesterday felt really good after the 7 discipline marathon.

No photo of the day either, so here's the banner of the Hi-Tech organized Maui Race Series that will see the first 2018 race this Saturday at Kanaha.

3am significant buoy readings
South shore

3.1ft @ 15s from 202° (SSW)

The outer buoys readings are so confusing today (there's some WNW energy in the water that throws the direction completely off), that I decided to only report one of the readings of Barbers. That is what the word "significant" is there for. Anyway, there's long period energy in the water and I have a 5.30am board meeting, so I should be able to post a beach report either before or after that.

North shore
2.6ft @ 14s from 297° (WNW)

4.2ft @ 8s from 77° (ENE)
3.1ft @ 14s from 324° (NW)

The reason I reported the N buoy reading is to show that there is some west in this swell. Surprisingly, Pauwela reads a solid 3f 14s, expect head high plus waves at Hookipa and relatively clean conditions in the early morning.

Wind map at noon.

North Pacific looks wintery with one weak WNW fetch, a medium strength NW one and the windswell one. It's the size of that low that is really impressive, it takes half of the north pacific and it will influence the local winds by slowing down the trades.

South Pacific looks wintery too as if has nothing to offer.

Morning sky.

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