Thursday, June 20, 2019

Thursday 6 20 19 morning call

The waves were once again awesome on the Lahaina side, but I'm gonna open the call with a photo of my buddy Russ who competed in the IWT Oregon Pistol River windsurfing contest. More info and results on their website.

This is the local photo of the day instead. I showed Randy (a notoriously funny guy) this picture I had just taken of him and asked him for a caption. He didn't disappoint and came up with:
"Foiling is fun, butt..."

4am significant buoy readings
1.9ft @ 15s from 185° (S)

Lanai (3am)
2.3ft @ 17s from 189° (S)

Still really good numbers also today at the buoys, it seems that this angular spreading swell is holding up much better than expected. This is a gorgeous head high wave I caught as soon as I launched the webcam. I give it a 10. Check the webcam yourself before going.

North shore
3.5ft @ 8s from 91° (E)

Pauwela disappeared from the Surfline page, that is the windswell at Mokapu. Hookipa should be flat to tiny.

Wind map at noon.

North Pacific has a NE fetch again. 4ft 9s from 52 predicted on Sunday by Surfline. Not much to be excited about really, but much better than flat nonetheless.

South Pacific has a couple of small fetches.

Morning sky.

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