Thursday, June 30, 2005

There he is. This is 6 years old little David. He told me that he likes windsurfing better then Disneyland. And that made me extremely happy. Thank you David, keep ripping.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Monday 6-27: 5 pm forecast

Howzit everybody. After the south swell and the NW-Saturday-only swell we had last weekend, not much (rather than the usual trade winds) is going to happen during this week. But things are looking good for the upcoming 4th of July weekend. South shore will have waves (Sunday and Monday the best days) and the north shore too should have out of season waves again. Maybe even for the whole weekend, this time! This is it, stay tuned for updates later this week. Eat healthy and give money for charity!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

thursday 6 23: 7 am forecast

Howzit everybody. After the fun one of last weekend (which has been lingering till yesterday), a new south swell is on its way. It hit already the NW buoy, which now give the direction too, and the buoys south of the islands. That means the swell is already here, but still too small to be noticed (1 foot). It will gradually grow during the day and by sunset it should be decent levels. Too bad there will be a 3 feet high tide around 6pm that will hide it at most places... It should peak between Friday night and Saturday morning (equator buoy at 5 feet, 180 degrees this morning). Watch out for the super shallow conditions around 10/11 am.
If you prefere to windsurf, a mini NW bump should arrive Saturday lasting one day only. Otherwise, there's still 5 to 6 feet of windswell.
In the long range, if the models are right, a storm is modeled to form off Japan in 6 days and generate a NW swell that should arrive 4 days later. South shore quite flat next week after this weekend action. Eventually another swell for next weekend. 4th of July is on Monday, get ready to move your boards, coolers and grills somewhere south.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

the magic of teaching windsurfing

Today I taught a 6 years old kid.

He had a blast. At the end of the lesson, I was sailing the board back to the downwind end of the beach, sitting on it together with him. The wind was pretty strong and, despite of the small kids sail (1.2 square meters), we were going pretty fast.
He goes:"this is the best time I have ever had!"
"What do you mean, in your life?"
"Yes! It's even better than disneyworld!"

I just couldn't stop a couple of tears...

I really love my job.


Monday, June 20, 2005

6 19 05 These were the conditions at La Perouse. Overhead steep take off close to the rocks. Not a kook place (...what the hell was I doing there?)

6 19 05 La Perouse. Trust me, this guy rips.

6 19 05 La Perouse. What did I tell you? Look at that cut back right in the pocket!

6 19 05 La Perouse. This guy is no fool either.

6 19 05 La Perouse. Michelle catches a biggy.

6 19 05 La Perouse. That's one of the best waves I caught. I have the damn leash stuck in my toes and I will fall right away... does this kind of things still happen to Kelly Slater? Kelly, post a comment and let us know. Don't forget to click on a banner though, cheap bastard!

6 19 05 La Perouse. I look a little more confortable on this one... trying to make it look head high...

2 surfboards, 1 sailboard, 2 sails, 2 masts, 1 boom, 2 beach chairs, 2 paddles, wetsuits, harness and other accessories, 1 subwoofer, 1 canoe with outrigger and there's even room for a chick on the back seat... that's why I love my station wagon.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Wednesday 6-15: 6am forecast

Man, I woke up early this morning... Anyways, even though uncle Pat and the NOAA forecast the next south pulse to start showing up later today, I don't see it happening at all. The equator buoy started sensing something only Tuesday afternoon and that means that it will get here Thursday afternoon. A bigger pulse should arrive Saturday, but it's from a SSE direction and could be partially blocked by the big island. I guess, we'll find out. The models forecast an extremely deep storm forming in the next few days at a very southerly latitude (60S, 140W). It will generate one of those big ones, but the long travel distance and the fact that it will be aimed to a point east of the islands, will limit the size on our shores. I guess we'll find out that too! Arrival time should be around the end of next week.
Trades blowing freshly will keep the windswell active and a mini NW swell should be up in 2 to 3 days. Enjoy the Maui Film Festival. I'll be there every night and this will slow down the reporting activity on this site. COAB, please.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

yesterday I finally tried my oc-1 in small waves at Thousand peaks. As Laird Hamilton once told me:"I love when I start something new, because I feel like a beginner. It's too easy to do only what you're good at". Laird, you're so right... Here's my baby. Isn't she beautiful? COAB, please.

I finally found the time to select the best Kauai photos. Here's the best Kauai surf photo (only because it's me...)

best Kauai wave shot (ulli)

best Kauai sunset shot. You'll find 70 more photos on my photo web site (the link is under my profile). But, before going there, you are kindly requested to click on a banner. Thanks!

Monday, June 06, 2005

monday 6-6: 7pm report

I surfed Sharkpit at 1.30pm till 3pm (I couldn't paddle any longer... completely surfed out!). It was shoulder high and three of us. A freaking lot of fun. Tomorrow I'm going to San Francisco and I'll be back on Saturday, just in time to catch the new south swell. You guys take care.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Surfing Launiupoko with the 12.6. The paddle is stuck on the board with some velcro (my patent...). Do I look kind of cool or what?

sunday 6-5: 10pm forecast/report

Oh my goodness. 5 hours again. 3 hours at Breakwall. Crowded but head high, really nice. Then some stand up action at Launiupoko and some more regular longboard at Launiupoko at sunset. One of those days. And the swell is still hanging in there. Tomorrow slightly smaller, fading gradully into tuesday, but don't forget there's a bigger one coming around Friday. What can I say. We live in a freaking beautiful place. And if you haven't figured that out that yet, there must be something wrong with you... So long.

Friday, June 03, 2005

I surfed Shark pit with a 8.1, Mala with a 6.10 and Thousand peaks with a 9.1. Not a bad day. I'm so sore I can barely type... The photo was taken at Olowalu, which looked quite fun too.

Friday 6-3: 11pm forecast/report

Howzit everybody. There's waves on the south shore (see photo above). It's the same swell that hit Fiji a few days ago. Contrats to Mr. Slater for the winning the contest right after having won the Tahiti one too. Looks like he'll be the world champ again. He's just lucky that I started at 39... The Tasman sea swell made it thru a bunch of islands that were on the way, but it's fairly inconsistent and the higher sets (in Maui, of course) are head high (it was triple overhead in Fiji). It should be a little bigger during the weekend, so get your ass on the south shore. Another south swell is forecasted for the second half of next week. North shore flat like an ekg of a dead rat, windy as usual. It's summer time! COAB, please.