Friday, October 19, 2012

memory card cleanup

Been slacking on the posting, haven't I?
Well, time to catch up and get rid of all these photos that were rotting on my memory card.
We'll go back to September 19 with this first shot. This is a rastafarian parrot outside of a historical ding repair shop in California, in front of which I spent the night sleeping in a VW van.


I was there on my way back from the Italy trip. I checked the forecast and knew exactly when they would run the last two days of the Trestle contest. Waves were going to be fun, so I went to surf and watch with my buddy Gianfranco.
This one is from our base camp by the old tree.

This is from right in front of Lowers and it looks like Adriano.

How's the right?

Adriano again.


 Beautiful waves.

O'neill wetsuit and blonde... can only be John John. Doesn't look like him, though... more like Bede really.

Too much surfing, we need a pretty girl.

Medina's focus.

Dolfins showed up in the lineup.

Dedicated to all my aussie fans.


And from the pro surfers, we move on to Skip paddling out on his trusty longboard. We're back to Maui now.

And then riding with his relaxed style.

Another day, another beach.

Colorful boards.

Empty gem.

I love this shot.

This is obviously Hookipa. Sept 29, Graham.

Not Graham.


That dress is at least a 5.7!

That's the view from my favorite shooting point. It also gives you an idea of the power of the zoom of my compact point and shoot camera.
36x optical, equivalent to something like 840mm.

Hookipa's best sailor in my (and many others') opinion: Levi Siver.


AWT organizer Samantha Bittner. The contest will run from October 25 to Sept. 3.
There should be a live webcast here:
Out of that period, they can use 7 days and they need at least 4 to complete all the heats.
A hell lot of people is flying to Maui for that. It's gonna be fun.
Thanks Sam!

I'll put my money on Levi.

Graham will be fun to watch too. As usual.

Sunset... two days ago?

This lovely bum will compete too.

Bernd is sailing so good, I think he'll be second.
Haven't seen Camille around though...

Pascal Hardy.

Allright, bit of a disconnected post, but I've been watching on demand the ASP contest in Portugal in the other window... quite a dramatic finish!
That's why I found the time for a post actually. LOL.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

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This is not the end of this blog.

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