Thursday, April 25, 2013

longboarding with the ladies and a few windsurfing shots

Inspired by this little video by Jason Hall, I took my GoPro out yesterday at Hookipa in a small day.

His surfing is way better than mine, but I got some ladies in my video! The editing of which took me exactly 5 minutes, so excuse me for the lack of uplifting enlightenment.

Well today I didn't feel all that good, so I only sailed like half an hour. That means that I had time to take photos like the good old days. And like the good old days, here's the best ones.

Photo of the day goes to Andres with this beautiful aerial in the sunset light.

Uncle Robby turned 50 yesterday and Facebook was full of annoying happy birthday messages. Nothing personal Robby, they bug me also (and specially) when they are for me.
So, sorry Uncle, but you're not getting one from me... I wish you happy any day though!
Despite that huge, polluting truck you just got!

This is what I'm talking about.

Browsinho was in fine form.

This swell was generated pretty close to the islands and the Maui Buoy read about 5f 13s from 340. This photo shows a head high wave (Keith in front) and a logo high one (Kevin on the back) ,but there were actually some mast high ones too.
Very consistent due to the relatively short travel distance.

As many know, Kai Katchadourian is not only a great sailor but also a phenomenal drummer.

What I didn't know is that he actually won the official WFD (World Fastest Drummer) in 2003 with 909 beats per minute. Here's a photo of him claiming that trophy back then.

Back to Browsinho.

Always good to Sean out there.



Klaas Voget.

There's a Red Bull troupe in Maui to film a documentary about Philip Koster.
For some mysterious reasons, they asked me for an interview. At the end of which, they also asked me to film my declaration that Red Bull could do whatever they wanted with that footage without me claiming anything ever.

Here's what I said:
"I declare that Red Bull can do whatever they want with this interview. But I also declare that I absolutely dislike Red Bull, because it's one of the most extraordinary example of how people can be easily manipulated. In fact, it's a beverage that:
1) sucks (for most people, at least)
2) it's expensive
3) it's very unhealthy
and yet, they sell tons of them because they know how to market it and make it look cool.
It is an example of how fucked up our society is."
I kind of doubt the interview will make the final cut, but you never know...
Anyway, I wanted to point out that the cameraman is hanging halfway out of the 'copter.

Marcelo having a Mark Angulo moment.

Here's my reply to Robby's new truck. A pair of brand new shorts that I didn't strictly, necessarily need. $28 with the employee discount. Should have donated in charity, I know...

BTW, that is the lovely studio in which I lived some of the best years of my life.
Unfortunately, it seems that I have to move out at the end of July. I'll miss that place for many reasons, but mostly because it taught me to live in simplicity. Since there was not much room for stuff, I didn't get much stuff and I realized that most stuff is not really necessary.
Board shack is different.

Please let me know if you know of a similar place for rent. The area I'm interested in is from lower Kuau to upper Kuau. Would prefer downtown Kuau though. Thanks.