Tuesday, August 30, 2005

There we go... Halloween is coming up! I can't even immagine the comments that will be posted on this one.. hopefully none! COAB, please.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Haleakala crater expedition. Ready to go. Destination: the bottom of the crater.
I can't write it explicitly anymore, but you guys know what to do... COAB!

Haleakala crater expedition. Down at the bottom, the killer fog advances towards us...

Haleakala crater expedition. The confort of a hot tea in the freezing cold (I so look like my brother in this one..). Too bad I couldn't take photos of how the crater looks like in the moonlight: unreal!

Haleakala crater expedition. Oh, now I see what that thing I put on my head in the darkness of the tent was... I thought it was a hat!

Haleakala crater expedition. The way up was quite a workout. But it was often rewarded by views like this.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Last day at the shack photos. Tomorrow the shack will be wiped out by a bulldozer. It was the grooviest place I've ever lived in. I'm stoked that I could live in it for a year. And even though I'm sad to leave it, I'm excited to see how the next place (still to be found) will be. Think positive out there!

Last day at the shack photos. A 20+ knots gust fills in...

Last day at the shack photos. Last coffee at the shack.

Last day at the shack photos. Outside view.

Last day at the shack photos. Sunday morning cleaning activities. Comments on the underware are welcome.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

This was glued on the hood of a car at Hookipa today. Hysterical. I just love to live in a place where you see things like this...

Got a cut on the right leg. There's no way I'm gonna stay out of the water. And there's no way I'm gonna get it infected. Here's what I came up with. When I put the neoprene on it (in the picture on the left leg), it stays dry and clean! Maybe next time I should wash my feet before taking a photo like this... what do you think? Let's see who guesses on which Maui beach I got my feet so dirty. Post a comment.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Claudio Chiappari (from Rome) places one of his freestyle tricks with a yet to be released Hot Sails Spyclone.

Well, the strong upstream trades have sent us some playful windswell waves. Hookipa has been chest to head high for the last three days and it doesn't look like it's going down soon. The photo was taken Sunday afternoon at Hookipa. It's me, my 5.0 and my big old cruiser. I just love to go out when everybody else comes in and be alone out there... Forecast: in addition to the windswell, there's hope for a tiny pulse from NW around tomorrow and a small one from NNW around Wednesday/Thursday. Then, if models are right, there will be a small to medium NW swell let's say around Aug 10th. South shore not working at all!