Saturday, January 28, 2006

Hookipa Jan 27.
Decently sized waves (check this one) + very offshore wind + a bunch of pros in the water = aerial fest. The best ones below.
I sailed Kuau and, as usual, I didn't like it. They say it takes a few times before you start enjoying the spot. I don't believe it. I'll keep trying, but I think I'll never like it... I'll let the world know on this web site.

Levi aerial

Levi huge aerial

Josh Stone inside aerial

Josh Stone big aerial

K. Pritchard aerial

K. Pritchard big aerial

Monday, January 23, 2006

I tried to resist to post this one, but I had to do it... it's too beautiful! From Brazil, of course. On the beach at Hookipa on Sunday.
Just to make you guys from around the world dream a little bit... by the way, I'll dream about it too!

Hookipa, sunday Jan 22. The blog owner comes out of a little cut back. Yes, it's a small wave... so what? He's the blog owner!

double shaka sign to the photographer!

the reason because I publish this one is to make you appreciate two things:
1) the sunshine in Maui on a January sunday afernoon
2) the beauty of my 8.6 Town & Country. Without any doubt the best board I ever had.

Wonderwoman. Notice the resemblance with the italian actor Chistian de Sica... ops, sorry Michelle... take it as a little price to pay to have made it to the blog.

there she goes. Wonderwoman Michelle made it to the blog again with a nice bottom turn on an overhead wave at Hookipa on Sunday Jan 22

She said:"I'm too tired to take off the rest". Maybe she meant:"Is anybody willing to help?"...

morning surprise in the sink

beautiful wave at Lanes on Tuesday Jan 17

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I don't have new photos, but now I have high speed cable connection, so I can upload some more photos of Hookipa on Jan 3rd. Enjoy.

too bad you guys can't zoom in (or maybe you can). Check his body position. Guarda come sta!

perfect section right in front

top turn in the pocket

for the pleasure of the girls...

for the pleasure of the guys... watch out, it says: "warning strong current"...

don't exactly know for the pleasure of who...

nice overhead section on the right at the point

the photo is a bit blurry, but the top turn is pretty sharp!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Ainokea party: DJ Cammar seems to particularly enjoy his last pick...

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I just want to show everybody what I received from my wonderful friend Sharon for my birthday. I do it because I think it's such a great thought (it brought tears to my eyes). I don't need no stupid fancy binoculars (...also because I already have little ones!). For sure, knowing that that money went to buy something useful for a poor kid (like the school chair in the photo), makes more happy than owning something I don't really need...
And I'm posting it on this website so that it may inspire somebody else to do something similar.

Here's what she wrote:"I have learned many things from you. One of them is to not waste food-another is to give to those less fortunate than ourselves. So, the money I would have spent on your binoculars seemed more appropriately donated to unicef. Happy Birthday and lots of love, Sharon"

Thank you Sharon, for the best birthday present I ever had.

Sunday, January 01, 2006