Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tuesday morning epic conditions at Hookipa. I I took a few pics and I got in the water to catch a few of those beauties. Light offshore wind, sunny, lots of turtles, quite a few bikinis and some damn big sets coming thru once in a while. It doesn't get much better than this. Oh my... I made some of the best drops ever. Stoked!

Tuesday morning Hookipa. This girl was ripping at Pavils. How that bikini stays on in the wipe outs, it is a mystery for me...

The big north shell continues. This guy is getting barreled in the Kahului harbor on Monday morning.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

What a week! Here are the highlights:

Monday 21. I surfed Hookipa. It was small, but glassy and even the monk seal showed up in the line up

Tuesday 22. Hookipa surf again. A photo with the beautiful conditions can be found a few photos below.

Wednesday 23. I surfed a little peak in front of kite beach (I had a surf lesson there). My friends told me that the surf at lowers was were nice at sunset under a light rain, but I was busy getting a massage...

Thursday 24. One of those days... I surfed lower Kanaha in the morning. A little bumpy, but a lot of fun. Later on the wind picked up and I went out on my 12.6 and a 5.0. A lot of people, but a lot of fun too at lowers first and uppers later. The last hour it became epic. The wind went down and most of the "regular" windsurfers left the scene, leaving it to me on the longboard and a few pros. Among these, Mariano Estevill and F200 (I think he's Leo Ray) were really ripping. The waves were logo high and got so glassy and perfectly peeling... I think it was the best longboard sailing session I ever had. But I say that quite often...

Friday 25. classic winter Kanaha conditions. Not a puff of wind all day (still I was able to teach windsurfing to a few beginners). I surfed three hours at sunset and I just loved it. The last half hour, again, epic conditions with the light of the sunset creating incredible colors on the glassy surface of the waves. Jesus, I love winter in Hawaii!

Saturday 26. it gets better very day... Still waves and Kona wind. Tired after yesterday's ession, I chose a mellow session at Sand Piles (see photo above). In the afternoon I sailed lower Kanaha with a 5.5 and my 12.6 longboard and it was epic conditions again. Ask any of the 10 surfers that were out! They could not believe how fast I was going on that huge board all the way thru the break on the lip of the water wall. The Kona wind, in fact, holds the the wave a lot longer and I could make some sections that looked impossible... Plus, going down the line on a Kona wind, means rideing the waves front side on goofy stance... in other words, my favorite conditions! I was so close to the lip that a couple of times I hit it loudly with the clue of the sail. So freaking cool! At sunset I quickly checked the surf at Hookipa and it was unreal. I saw a guy getting barreled at the point for at least 30 yards! Thanks to the light offshore wind, the waves were so incredibly clean that it look like some place else...

Sunday 11 27. It's raining hard in Maui on this Sunday morning. Being the world champion of always finding the good aspect of everything, I am very happy about that. For the following reasons: 1) I need some rest!! 2) I can finally catch up with some computer work... and you guys are lucky, because I have the time to write all this shit... don't get used to it, though! It will take another heavy rainy day for this to happen again... 3) Last, but not least, right while I'm writeing this, I'm watching the web broadcast of the triple crown surf contest at Sunset Beach in Oahu (http://www.triplecrownofsurfing.com). Makua Rothman just scored a 9.33 getting heavily barreled at his home break. And the best news is that in Oahu is sunny, so I hope it's going to clear up here too in the afternoon. There's a big, a bit disorganized N swell. The harbor might be the call. That's all for now. Do you understand now why I'm the happiest man in the world? Aloha.

ops! This one colse out on me at Sand piles.

this girl has been on a strict taro burger diet...


radical body board action at Ledges

these three young girls kept me company on the Hookipa hill while I was taking photos... lucky me!

nice surfing conditions at Hookipa on Nov 22

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

think about this while you stuff yourself of turkey...

The Fao (Food and Agricoltural Organitation of the United Nations) just published its annual report called "The state of food insecurity". You can download it at: http://download.repubblica.it/pdf/food2005.pdf
If you don't have time to read it, let me just summarize it in one sentence: every year 6 millions children in the world die of hunger.
Just because we were lucky to be born in a rich country doens't mean that we cannot try to help the poorest people or at least respect their struggles. Think about a little charity donation every month (unicef.org or whatever you like).
Be more careful when you buy/cook food, because at the same time you will throw away your leftovers, some children will be dieing for lack of food! And you could have given the money you spent on your leftovers for charity.
Think about it while you stuff yourself of turkey (quite an unhealthy food, by the way) at Thanksgiving...

Monday, November 21, 2005

longboard sailing. Thanks to Jeff Henderson for the inspiration and those incredible Hot Sails Superfreak!

longboard backwind sailing. That's about all the freestyle I can do...

Sunday, November 20, 2005

oh, finally the software to upload photos is working again! Here are a bunch of photos that I wanted to post since a few days. This first one is me and Nico sitting on the boards at Sprecks.

This pussycat likes my board... Al cat-pone.

ops! what's that? butt floss?

sponsored trash bin

famous hawaiian waterman in one of his favourite poses...

she has the most beautiful back in Maui. I said back, where you guys looking?

just in case I get lost, I have the address written on the cap... like the dogs!

Today, I surfed the waves with the canoe (it was the first time on the north shore). It took me 40 minutes from the harbor to Kanaha, but I caught a few on the way. Lots of breaks that I will try to surf standing up. The photo shows a fairly big set coming thru a Lowers, but it's too steep over there. The good news is that the best waves for the canoe are just outside the harbor...

Jesus, is that me? Damn, look at those muscles! ;-)

Thursday, November 17, 2005

This is what you see out of the window when you drive on the south shore of Maui. And there's people that doesn't surf the Lahaina side, because they don't like the drive... What is wrong with them?! Yesterday and today there has been a small south swell, but everybody was focused on the big NW hitting the north shore. Nobody knew about it. I did. And I scored Mala ramp twice. Yesterday it was chest high, three people and a little wind. Today it was waiste high, two people, sunny and glassy. Perfect left hand peelers going all the way along the coral reef that you could see thru the transparent little wall of water. It was a memorable sessionl. Waiste high... Size does't matters. At least, surfwise!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Another dream becames true in my life. Here's the cover of my first book. It's in Italian, printed and sold in Italy only, but ...hey, got to start somewhere! It's the collection of the articles I wrote in 2001 thru 2003, 120 pages, 12 Euros... holy shit, better be good!
The title is a stupid word joke that translates into something like: "I hope I am going to surf... her".
If you're from Italy and want to order it, you'll find the form in the attachment below.
In the meantime, let me give you the book introduction... for free!!!! I'll post it as a comment to this. Aloha.

This is the form to order my book.