Monday, October 31, 2005

I always stop at garage sales, especially if I'm driving on the north shore early on a Saturday morning. You never know... for example. lately I bought an old, still working longboard for five bucks... One year ago, instead, I had to put a few more bucks down to buy a gourgeously shaped (by Keola Rapoza) 8.6 T&C. From the very first wave, it was pure love. She did everything I wanted (which girlfriend does that?!). Even cut backs on a narrow shoulder at Hookipa. But she was quickly getting cracks along the stringer. Too fragile was my diagnosys. So I sold it. I even made some money out of it, but... every day since that, I regretted. I don't know how many similar boards I tried, but I couldn't really find anything like that. Last week I ran into the girl that bought it. She had just switched to a shorter board, and I could buy it back for $50 less (she added a few dings) plus a windsurf lesson to her husband and a surf lesson to her. Quite a good deal... for her! But I'm just sooo happy to have my baby back. The message here is: NEVER SELL THE BOARD OF YOUR DREAMS! But I guess I was the only one that didn't know that...

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

It was a fun session sailing at Hookipa. Nico throws one of his backloops.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

the Bay on a big north swell... surf magazine worthy. So, this powerful, disorganized, dangerous still playful mix of N and NE swells pounded the islands during past weekend. I had the most fun windsurfing with my 5.5 and 90ish liter wave board at the outer reef of upper Kanaha, both Saturday and Sunday. I caught one mast and a half and a few mast high big rollers. Monday night still fun waves to sail at lowers. This start of the winter is definetely promising. Let's keep our fingers crossed...

Honolua bay was one and a half overhead... a little too much for me. I mean, I can surf Dumps double overhead, but that's a left and there's a channel to go out. I don't think I would have even made it out to the break with my longboard at the bay... I chose a more mellow, yet very fun session at Little Makaha. And that was a wise decision. A good surfer knows ho to pick the place to go surf according to his ability... which is a positive way of saying that I shat my pants at the Bay!

"Hole in the head" was pretty damn good on Monday morning...

Saturday, October 08, 2005

I'm back in Maui and I'm sooooo happy! I surfed La Perouse yesterday and I had more fun with two of those great rides than in two whole weeks in Costa Rica. Another board in the trash? I don't care...If you want to check all the Costa Rica pics, go to or just click on the link to my photo web page. Maui I love you!!!