Monday, February 20, 2006

Hanamanou, Sunday 2 19 06. Nice section in front of this guy. Too bad he will have to deal with the two paddling out...

Hanamanou, Sunday 2 19 06. Wipeout head down! Thank god it's not me...

Hanamanou, Sunday 2-19-06. Not many people knew that there was a fairly big NNE swell (9 feet, 9 sec at the NW buoy). I got there at 10.30 and surfed alone for an hour. Then a bunch a very good surers arrived and I humbly got out and took some photos. Here's one nice floter.

you can tell that I usually ride longboards... bend those knees, dammit!

having a rough day at the beach...

Don't even think about dropping in on me! I think he didn't, but I blew it anyway... too bad, it was a nice one!

Hanamanou: a stormy set fills in the bay

Just about to get in at Hanamanou, I stare in awe at the shapes created by the white water

Hey there! Howzit going?

This cutie petutie already knows how to use a cell phone

Looks like I watched too much figure skating on tv...
Hey, how about those sexy pijamas? Post your opinion. But, please, be polite...

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I can't believe that's me.
Here's the start of a short sequence of photos taken from the helicopter during a Hot Sails photoshoot. And here's the people I'd like to thank:
a) Jeff Henderson for inspiring me to buy such a longboard and for inviting me to the photoshoot
b) David Blyth for taking such great photos (the reduced resolution version here on the web doesn't really show the incredible colors of the water and of the sail)
c) Jeff Timpone for shaping such a great board
d) my Mum and Dad for putting together their chromosomes and giving birth to a person that: 1) had the guts to leave a fairly happy and economically secure life in Italy and move to Maui in search for more happiness (needless to say... finding it!). 2) practiced a long time in the water to be able to do what is shown in the photos.
In this one, I'm going left at upper Kanaha, upwind, towards a closing out section on the choppy white waterish face of an overhead wave on the back side of the sail.
Let me repeat it. I can't believe that's me! I'm stoked!
PS. Please, do not download any of these photos, they don't belong to me. If you are interested in them, send me an email.

Little walk to the nose. Notice how the whole rail is already in the water... in fact I won't make it to the nose. Still, not the easiest thing I did in my life...

It's amazing how the waves look smaller from the helicopter. I remember that was a fairly big one...

Let's see who posts the funniest comment to guess what are those black stripes on the front of the board...

Dear island surfer,

you probably figured this already, but it's good to be reminded... Hawaii is not anymore the safety paradise it used to be!
My car got stolen in Kahului last Friday, Feb 10th. It was found two days later. My three surfboards were gone along with my car stereo components.
Here's a brief description of the boards:

a) 9.3 Bill Foote. Bright yellow deck with the footprint logo right on the front, round pin tail. The bottom is white and there's a fix with the footprint logo on one side. No measures written.

b) 8.6 Town & Country. Shaped by K. Rapoza (it says that on the deck), blue color, round pin tail. It has a reinforcement of fiberglass 4 inches wide on the stringer from the pad to the shaper's name. I'm attaching a photo of it (I'll put it on my blog too).

c) 6.10 Illusion surf. White (don't remember the shaper).

If you see them, call me, write down the license plate, call the police (I got a police report with their description), start screaming, do something... If they try to sell them to you for cheap cash (less than $100 for a) and b) and less than $50 for c)), please buy them, take the license plate number and call me. I will buy them back from you! If you are the thief, call me I'll buy them back (just kidding...).
The most important thing would be to email all you surfer friends and spread the word. PLEASE!

Thanks a lot for you help and time! Aloha,

Giampaolo Cammarota (
PS 1. Monday Feb 6th, I rescued a kite in the water at Kanaha. If you think it's yours, call me to identify it. It's not a major brand.
PS 2. Since we're here, I also got the blue ama of my Honu one man canoe stolen from the canoe club rack in Kahului a few months ago (what's up with this bad luck?!?). It has a little stone inside that rolls when you tip it. I'm looking for a used Honu compatible ama and iakus to buy.

Friday, February 10, 2006

This photo is 20 to 25 years old... already hooked! Look at that sail! Look at the harness!!
Thanks to Maurizio for scanning a bunch of old photos and emailing them to me... Maybe I'll publish more.

My book cover is about to get out of this blog main page, so I have to put it up again, together with the instructions. Since it can be ordered in Italy only, here they are in italian:

Per ordinare il libro devi andare alla posta e inviare 12€ al conto corrente postale C/C 11550175 intestato a:
Marco Sabatelli Editore srl
via Servettaz 39
17100 Savona
Riceverai a casa il libro senza sovrapprezzo per spese di spedizione. Inviando un fax della ricevuta di pagamento al numero 019-827413 le operazioni di consegna sarano accelerate. Non dimenticare il tuo indirizzo... Fammi sapere si piace e... buona lettura!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

This is the weather map of Thursday Feb 2nd. The deep storm NE of Japan had winds up to 70 knots. The related swell arrived today (Sunday Feb 5th) on the north shore of the Hawaiian islands. I had a lot of fun at the upper Kanaha outer reef. Somebody else, instead, was having fun at Peahi (only americans can give a name like Jaws... they even called a movie like that!). You'll find a few pics below. Enjoy. provides these great graphics that separate the different swells that hit a buoy. It's a very cool tool. Definitely worth 70 bucks a year.
NW buoy today's readings. The peak was 18 feet, 19 seconds. Quite impressive.

Polakow top turn.

Pietro got all muddy because his car got stuck in a puddle. Doesn't seem to be too worried about it...

Mother nature amazing energy transformation process.
Somewhere around the equator, the ocean water evaporates because of the heat of the sun. In the atmosphere, thru an extremely complicated process, it contributes to form storms. The low pressure in their center creates extreme force winds that agitate the waters of the north west Pacific ocean. Then the waves travel a long distance towards Hawaii (if we're lucky). And then finally this one hits the reef at Jaws. Tons of water are lifted up a few tens of feet and then thrown down when the wave breaks. Part of it gets vaporized, part creates massive amounts of white water that tumble up to the rocks. The energy is given back to the ocean and the journey is over.
Few brave windsurfers particularly enjoyed it.

This wave is almost three masts high. Levi rides it.

Levi:"Hey Jason, how is the wind up there?"
Polakow:"Pretty strong, come check it out!"

Somebody has been paid to be on that helicopter shooting photos. That's what I call a cool job... K. Pritchard rides a monster.

This is either Polakow or Seeger. Either way, it's an incredible bottom turn!

Hookipa. Pavillions thru the pavillions.

Maui cows are never too impressed by the surf...

Let's give credits to Sharon for this great photo.

Yellow school buses. One of many american icons.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

philosophy pill

I am not having good luck these days. Here's a brief list of things that happened:
1) they f--ing stole my back pack again! My prescription glasses and my digital camera are gone (so not many pictures untill I'll buy a new one)
2) problems with the neighbors: I don't even know if I will stay at my new place in Kuau for long
3) I bought a new shorty but its seams hurt my ribs. Can't change it, lost 60 bucks.

NEVERTHELESS, I am still stoked because I live in Maui, I'm healthy and there's a bunch of new big NW swells on the way. First large one on Sunday. Superbowl sunday. And that means few people in the water. Second one Wednesday and then yet another one behind. So, the philosophy pill of the day is: whatever shit happens, don't complain... it could be a lot worse! And it's not worthy to get pissed... it's not going to help!

Ciao a tutti.