Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hookipa + bit of sup

Photos from yesterday.



Side A (might be worth clicking on it...).





Side B.



Downwinder season started, that's at least a 14 footer.

Mystery Bob.

Check out this great video of Laird at Hanalei.

Last saturday there was a paddling race from Maui to Molokai.
Big congratulations to Connor Baxter who won the standup category. Nice reports in this standupzone forum thread.

Allright, someone sent me this photo of this lovely lady from the south shore... thanks!

Just finished watching the final at the ASP surf contest in Brazil. Congratulations to Jadson Andre for winning his first WCT event ever in front of the home crowd and against the best surfer of all times Kelly Slater.

I'm noticing a shift similar to the one happening in windsurfing: surfers are now throwing all kind of rotations in their turns. Sometimes a bit unnecessary and/or overscored. I might be a bit old school, but for me a big bottom/top turn combo with a lot of spray should still be the highest scoring maneuver (other then barrels, of course). Not many of those available in the small and mushy conditions at Imbituba, that's why an air reverse master like Jadson could prevail.

Anyway, after three contests, Kelly is now leading the rankings. Quite a break in the action now, since the next contest is Jeffrey's Bay in July.

PS. Just seen on this brand new way of polluting the ocean. Damn, do we really need shit like that?!?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pro action winding down

Camille was in the water early and he's starring in this post.

Plenty other "regular" sailors in the rest of the photos too. But first I'd like to thank Philippe for giving me a short Reiki mini-treatment at the beach to help my foot heal faster. Thank you very much.



Unknown guy 1.


Unknown guy 2.

Unknown guy 1.





Volwater's opening backloop.

This photographer was quite hot.


Unknown guy 3.

Woke up this morning and tuned into the ASP surf contest in Brazil right into Kelly Slater's heat in round 3. Not the most exciting heat (which Kelly dominated nonetheless), but plenty lovely brazilian ladies on the beach to look at in the lulls... webcasts, got to love them.

Also because they are the perfect thing to have running in the background when doing computer work (like blogging right now, or writing the next article for Windnews afterwords).
Wow, that was a close heat between Chris Davidson and Dan Ross! Jordy Smith in the water now.

North shore is going pretty much flat in the next days. Most pros are getting ready to pack up and leave. Expect the windsurfing action to wind down, but keep checking this blog because the author might always come up with something worth it...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a beautiful right

Didn't take photos yesterday, so it's time for me to publish these photos that a Alex sent me a while ago (thanks!).

I believe it was mid March and that right doesn't go off very often. I personally have never seen it that big and Alex said that there were larger sets than these.
When it's smaller, the take off is right in front of the rocks you see in the first photo. Pretty much where the big foam ball is... very sketchy.


PS. I'll be at Hookipa from 12 to 1.30 today. Be there sailing if you want to have a chance to end up on the blog. And don't forget to do something worthy! :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

family beach day

Kinda flat on the north shore, most people opted to head south.
The waves were the usual small, mushy Maui south shore stuff. Here's a bit of beach scenes.

Dog on the nose.


At the beginning of each windsurf or surf lessons, I always pointed out:"this is the front of the board and this is the back of the board".
This guy was not one of my students.

Lovely ladies.

I don't even know where my right Birky is anymore.

Best $45 buy ever.
Unfortunately, the crutches are messing with my left thumb and I can only do very little practice.

Downwind facing dog.

I miss yoga.

He's ready!

Love the ankle crossing.

Hey, a day at the beach is still a day at the beach!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

birds talk

This looks like him.

This looks like her.

"Where were you all night last night?!?!?"

No one wants to talk after such an argument.

Big board for little surfer.

The view from Pavillion. Looks like Laurent.

Butterfly effect.


Three down.

Three up.


Gopro helment mount. I like the head band a lot better, because it doesn't create as much drag when you get worked by a wave.
Plus the helmet gives you an hairdo like the birds!

Ah, custom shapes...