Friday, June 13, 2008

An old video... better than nothing.

This video has been waiting in the folder "videos to be published" (now empty) for more than a year... well, who cares about the date if it shows some sunny wave sailing, right?
Sorry about the soundtrack, it was a song that matched the length perfectly and I thought it was kind of funny. The WMM project file has now been backed up on the external disk and I don't feel like retrieving it to change it... so enjoy some good old Fred Bongusto!

The "videos to be edited" folder is now getting pretty full, but there's waves on the south shore for the morning surfing and small windswell on the north shore for the afternoon sailing and taped basketball (how did the Lakers lose yesterday???) and soccer games to be watched and I just can't be bothered.

Here, I'll leave you with a couple of friend's links:
- has a new expanded world coverage
- I just got a pair of Olukai slippers and they rock (I got the Lomi kind)! The physical therapist told me that I need a better feet sole support...
- my friend Harry is back in town and he took some nice shots of the race at Kanaha last weekend. Here's his website and if you have time check the Costa Rica photos too.

I don't know if it's the shoes, the stretching or the core muscles simple exercises I'm doing (probably all of the above), but my back is not bothering me anymore and life is absolutely gorgeous again, also considering that there will be south swells for the next 8 days.

So long, got to go surf...


Anonymous said...

Hey GP,
The music was great. No need to apologize for that!
Was that a mast-mounted camera?

cammar said...

glad you liked it. Yes the camera was wrapped around the mast just above the boom. That's a super easy mount, thanks to the wrist band it comes with. You can easily turn it on and off when there is action, so that the editing is not going to be too time wasting...
You just need to flip all the clips 90 degrees with your editing sw.