Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Great surfing + Maui film festival

So far the season of the swells on the south shore has been really good.

This last swell in particular is one of those rare ones that lasts more than a week. That makes most people (me included) surfed out and if you time it right, you can really score epic sessions. I surfed three days in a row with perfect light offshore not too crowded conditions and that doesn't happen often. I may have said this already, but I have to say it again:
Surfing, simply the best thing on earth.

Here's a few photos, but the reality was actually even better.

Here's a few GoPro pics from the water.
Click on the X at the top right, if the slideshow stops.

This one's for Lano.

And here's a few photos from Makena. The shore break was really big. Hundreds of people (including a lot of tourists) on the beach on Sunday. No lifeguards. And they're putting a second lifeguard tower at Hookipa (at Pavillions), a beach where 99% of the swimmers are people who live in Maui and know the ocean... I don't get it.



Here's a few pics from the Maui Film Festival at Wailea.

Blurred Maui milf.

Hot English guy.

That's all for today. I hope you enjoy the photos... I'm having a blast!

Spread the stoke, be happy, be nice, love everyone... and I don't just say it, I mean it and I do it myself (at least I try to)! Give it a try... it feels great!


Lano said...


windsurfwahine said...

"Spread the stoke, be happy, be nice, love everyone... and I don't just say it, I mean it and I do it myself (at least I try to)! Give it a try... it feels great!"

That is the best thing I have read all day.........no all year.....No....In Years.

Aloha to you.

Jeroensurf said...

Nice pics Cammar, looks epic conditions.
But why is that perfect-bum-pic only for Lalo...i think more people like it (at least i have problems sitting now ;)

Anonymous said...

mmmmm hot english guy!!!!! too much good surf is twisting you GP.
see you in aug.

Anonymous said...

nice shots of Makena, lost some details of your two subjects and dog by shooting into the sun, the addition of fill-in flash will resolve this :)
That is one wicked shore break!

cammar said...

Thanks everyone for the comments.

Rick, didn't really care about the two subjects, all I wanted to shoot was the shore break... which was more difficult than I thought!
There were some sets way bigger than that one, but I just couldn't find the right zoom/timing...
Anyway, thanks for the tip, I'll try the flash next time.

Anonymous said...

Yes that was a great swell! I was fortunant that my schedule aloud me to surf first and then apply my self to work until dark every day. It was really good in that all of the breaks were firing so the volume of surfers was spred out over the entire coast.Not to mention so many days in a row. I heard the phrase(surfed out) more than than I have this season.
Thanks for spreding the aloha,Olaf