Saturday, July 28, 2007

Brian's fish + the Maliko race video

My friend Brian Cartwright is a shaper.

Not a famous one yet, but he may become one if he keeps on shaping things like this.

That is the sickest looking board I've seen in a while. I tried it and I had a blast. That thing is 6.8 long and 22 3/4 wide (forgot to ask him the thickness, but not much more than three). It's the loosest board on earth. It bottom turns in three inches and on small mushy waves you can hit the white water lip and slide for a mile.
If you guys ever surfed on a fish, you know what I'm talking about.
The fins I had (it's a twinser) were too small so I was spinning out a bit too much in the sailing part and of course the board wasn't particularly fast, but... let me tell you... turning that thing is a blast.
Here's a photo with a 5.0 (that's why I was spinning out... I think those fins were good for a 4.7/4.5) that will make you appreciate how small that board is.

If you are interested in getting in touch with Brian, drop me an email and I'll give you his number.
I'll open a topic on my forum, because I believe this board will get some interest from the windsurfers...

What happened to the Maliko race video?
I kind of fucked it up... when you have the camera on your helmet, you can't check if it's filming or paused. The only way is to stop, sit on the board, take the helmet off and check, which I did a couple of times, but not at the end, because I was trying to catch up with the leaders (which I never did)...
So at the end I was thinking I was shooting and commenting live, but the camera was actually paused. And when I thought it was paused, I was filming instead... minutes and minutes of boring, light wind, no action, downwind cruising.
But I was still able to get something out of the cutting room. Here it is.

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If you can't see it here, try here.

PS. Saturday 7 28 I missed a day in the water for the fifth time from the beginning of the year... I'm at 157 out of 162, a solid 97% QUOLI.


Anonymous said...

I met Brian in the parking lot at Maui Coffee Roasters last winter. I saw one of those boards on top of his car. It blew my mind. "You actually sail that thing?" "Yup," he said. In the ensuing conversation I found out that there was more to it than just unusual board shapes. From what I got, this dude can crank out a board in a few hours for next to nothing in cost. He made me wonder: maybe the industry did take a wrong turn with the shift to epoxy and vacuum-bagging. However, where's the profit in a cheap, durable, easy-to-manufacture board? The powers-that-be, intent on making money, will make sure that this one never sees the light of day. Just like that 3,000-dollar car that got 100mpg, years ago, and never needed a tune-up.

Lano said...

another great video GP, LOL at Meesh falling off....on the yellow swallow tail, jeez, its out there, similar to some old 80' classic surf boards, never seen a windsurfing board looking like that!

Anonymous said...

Let's see some video of this board in action!


cammar said...

Brian shaped the yellow fish out of a scrap polystirene blank he found in dumpster at the Pawela cannery...
He didn't put any sandwich, so the board was extremely cheap for him... but at the same time also extremely fragile.
One of the footstraps plugs came off during my test and when I brought it back to him he was supercool:"oh, that's easy to fix... I'm surprised that board is still one piece! I've been trying backloops like crazy!!"

I need to become a shaper. It's imperative!

what happened to your beer?

goddamit... one of the reasons I used a 5.0 was to be able to film it from the mast top (5.0 is the smallest sail the modified mast top fits).
Unfortunately, the mount became loose during the session and I only got some shitty footage with the board is the upper right corner... I was tempted to edit it anyway, but you can't really appreciate those turns...
I'll have to wait for Brian to fix it...
In the meantime, I'm testing his previous prototype (#2), that sails better, but doesn't quite bottom and top turn as good.
I tried it with a 4.7 and same fins and it didn't spin out.

But here's what's interesting:
after a while the wind got lighter and I was slogging too much.
I decided to end the test and switch to my 7.10 custom SOS (that I have been recently loving for light wind).
It was horrible. Yes, I could plane and everything else, but once on the wave it felt like a barge... couldn't quite turn it... a 7.10!!!
So, I guess I'm not done testing... stay tuned.

PS. I should copy this to the forum.
PPS. I jsut realized that in the video I typed: I got windier and I totally planing", instead of "It got windier and I was totally planing"... but I'm not going to re-edit, re-upload and re-link... you guys got it...

Rambo said...

Gp, here's a tip for you with the GoPro on the helmet. Place something reflective either on the mast or like a watch on your wrist, plastic mirror or polished aluminium is perfect. I don't have to be big, just enough to so you can see the red LED flashing on the GoPro when it is in record mode. Works for me.

SUP is really catching on over here and i'm adding it to my blog 'cos i'm also in the process of buying one. Say hello to Mark (from s.i.c.)for me, i paddled Maui - Molokai and the Keanae run with him last year.

Cheers Rambo

meesh said...

GP - can you put my "click ere" button please?? thanks!

cammar said...

Yo Rambo,

everything I tried didn't work in the Maui sunshine... can you send me a picture of what you did?
You know what I think it is?
On an OC-1 you can hold you wrist in front of the camera a lot steadier than on a windsurfer...

I forgot! There it is...
BTW, do you say "we love your blog" or "I love your board"?
PS. I still feel those waves at 1000peaks under my skin...

Ponobill said...

Is that "tall Brian" you're talking about. I've known him for years and years and didn't know (or remember) his real last name. He's a very innovative guy.