Wednesday, July 18, 2007


As you guys can probably guess, I love this blog.

Being a blog though, it doesn't really have the possibility to continue the eventual discussions on some interesting topics that may arise in the comments, because after a while the post with those comments is going to end up too low in the page and nobody (me included) will check it anymore.

For that I need something called a Forum.
Instead of spending some precious time investigating how to create a forum of my own, my friend Jeff allowed me to use the Hot Sails Maui forum.

That is great Jeff, thank you so much!

So every time that there will be a topic that I will want to discuss (or keep discussing) with the blog readers, I'll open a topic on that forum and redirect you guys over there.
To be able to post replies and even open new topics, all you have to do it to register to it.

I added the forum link on the top right of this blog, but here it is again:

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