Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Catching up

Finally my laptop is back with a new screen!

It's been a while since the last post, let's see what happened.

- last wednesday, thursday and friday we were blessed with some really fun up to head high windswell at Hookipa. Somebody said it was from the ex hurricane Cosme. I don't think so, but I can't be sure, because without the computer I couldn't check the weather maps. But... who cares! Waves in summer? I'll take everything...
Here's a couple of surfing shots (when it was windy I was busy sailing...).
Look at that July wave!!!!

And what about this July barrel?!?!

- friday I was actually able to do a double sesh: wave sailing at Hoo first and speed at Sprecks second. The wind was nuking, and extremely overpowered on a borrowed Speed Demon 5.0 (don't worry Juan Pablo... sooner or later I'll bring it back...), I was able to log a personal best of 29.6 knots. 3.6 knots better than the first try, not too shabby...
Actually I did even better than that... I swear! I had one run that was faster, I'm 100% positive. But when I checked the speed on the GPS, the damn thing was blinking... it lost the connection to the satellite. I have to confess that I got mildly upset... a laud "ma vaffanculoooo!!!" was heard all the way to lower kanaha.
Results (session 7), here.

- sunday there was the Maliko downwind paddling race. Here you find the results for the different categories.
Michelle was racing on my Starboard 12.2 and came in third behind the always-winning Andrea and another girl, both on specialized downwind boards (the starboard, instead, is specialized to tear apart waves at lowers).
Here is a well deserved post on her blog.
Congratulations also to my friend Jeremy, who won the standup 12 footer no rudder category.
Dave Kalama won the unlimited SUP with rudder category and australian Jaime Mitchell won the traditional unlimited lay down paddleboard division. Here's the aussie.

I'm actually stealing these photos from Sharon, but I'm leaving her the exclusive coverage of a sunday afternoon most dramatic sunset. Oh, good post about the superferry too.

I filmed some of the race with my helmet cam (I was on my Timpone 12.6 and a 4.2...), but I haven't edited the video yet... stay tuned. Here's my arrival in the arbour.

I was first (and only) of the non existing windsurfing category and for sure the one who did the least work and had the most fun catching tons of glides on the windswell waves.
Here's a new friend that came to me thinking I was an astronaut just landed from Mars on my magic windsurfer. As such, I was able to convince her to do something naughty... don't fret, just wait for the video!

This Sunday there will be the Molokai to Oahu race. Here's an article I found.
Hey, I could do that one too on the longboard with the sail!
No wait! New south swell due on sunday... I'd rather be surfing...

By the way, talking about SUPaddling, if you're looking for a good source of information on the subject in addition to the HSM SUP forum, my friends Randy and Chantalle just started a new forum entirely dedicated to SUPers: Check it out.

- yesterday I had my very own Hookipa-Maliko-Hookipa slalom session at sunset and it was an absolute blast. This time with a Speed Demon 6.0 over a very, very smooth ocean.

- today there were some fun waves at Hookipa again! And the wind wasn't the usual ugly gusty summer one! What is going on?!?

- in the meantime, a few weeks ago the third PWA wave event was held in Gran Canaria. Once again, Spanish rising star Victor Fernandez beated Kauli for a second win a row. Here's a video on Kevin Pritchard's blog that shows how these guys are really pushing the limit...

- last, but not least, I just found that you can see a lot of extras on the Hawaii: message in the waves website. If you don't have the time to see them all, please at least watch this one.
When you'll see feathers around a bunch of plastic objects, that was a bird that died because he ate all those objects.
The discussion about what to do to try to respect the environment is still active on my forum.

So long.


Lano said...

What? Is That all? Get back out there!

Go the Aussies!


meesh said...

GP - great post. I freakin love your martian arrival in the harbor, 1st in your non existing category. hysterical.

meesh said...

ps. thanks again for the use of your starboard, goes to show it's a versitile all rounder! from waves at lowers to downwinders.

Sharon said...

Excellent-I just chowed my lunch and was thoroughly entertained by this post, so much so I forgot I was at work! OK-one more Maria biscuit then its back to the grind

BTW my lunch is contained in one plastic bag and three Ziplocs, all of which were used yesterday and will be again tomorrow. Ok-Ok-OK I hear you I’ll wash the plastic fork and reuse that too!

cammar said...

versatile, that's a good word...
let me list a few things that board is excellent for:
- downwinders
- SUP surfing
- wavesailing in light wind
AND, if it's like 12/14 knots in flat water, that board fully planes and you can pull out some insane jibes.
Hey Jonathan, if you read this, wotcha think?

Ely from NYC said...

Hey Giampaolo,

That board sounds great! Can I give it a spin when I get there? I need something for those light wind Maui summer days......I guess over there in thousand peaks!