Monday, July 16, 2007


As soon as I'm done with this quick one, I'll put my laptop in a FedEx box and ship to San Diego to have the screen fixed.

It's going to be hard without it: I'm definitely addicted to the internet. Oh well, maybe I'll finally finish "The winter of our discontent" that I started reading back in Italy (I mean two months ago, not six years)...

Very quick updates:
- I went a couple of more times to Sprecks (which I hate, because my car becames a sand dune... outside and inside!) to train for the speed thing. I'm playing with the equipment and that's kind of fun.
I've been looking for a small slalom fin, but they're pretty hard to find. I ended up buying a super narrow (18.5 inches) Jimmy Lewis super old speed/slalom board with a brand new 28cm slalom fin... I'll cut it.
The price? 50 bucks for everything... and the board is one inch narrower than my Peter Thommen, so it may be even faster!

A new south swell hit yesterday. Very nice and glassy knee to waiste high waves in the morning. When the onshore breeze started to blow in the afternoon, I went back to the north shore and found the sweet surprise of some up to head high windswell waves at Hookipa. Pretty light wind, but I could do it with the SO board (which I'm starting to think is close to 80l) and a 5.5.
Some waves were so close to each other that in the bottom turn you almost hit the back of the one on the front, but still... I had a lot fun, also because wavesailing in light wind is one of my favorite things.

Allright, got to go surf. See you guys whenever the box comes back.


Multiple said...

Must.... have ... blog posts... can't survive.... gasping for ... oxygen...

Lano said...

I just hope your fed ex doesn't do a Tom Hanks!

cammar said...

think about me this morning sitting on the toilet without checking the buoys for the first time in six years...

mmm... you mean a castaway kind of think?