Thursday, July 05, 2007

Everything I wanted to post in the last 10 days...

... but I couldn't because too busy surfing and because my laptop screen hasn't arrived yet and the lack of mobility is killing me.

Let me start with something Glenn created this morning for me.
This is going to be my new quiver of Superfreak and I can't wait to put my hands on it. Actually I have to choose three of these six colors. The blue and the yellow on the left are in for sure. I'm indecided on the third and I need your help. Please vote.

Here's the story behind the dolphin.
One of the many inspiring things that gave me the courage to quit everything and come to Maui (I also feel like mentioning the Porcupine Tree song Stop Swimming and the movies American dream and Dead poets society) was a magic little book by Sergio Bambaren called the Dolphin.

A poetic story of a dolphin who is different from the others and instead of spending his life feeding himslef in order to survive, he likes to surf waves and leaves in search of his perfect wave...

The funny thing was that after I moved to Maui I felt like contacting the author describing him my story and he replied saying that the similarities with his story were shocking. I even ended up writing a book too. Too bad he sold a few more copies than me... :-)

Busy firemen
The Firemen in Maui have been very busy lately.
Just after having extinguished a large fire that burned a lot of acres in the Olowalu/Launiupoko area, they stroke in Kihei too.
This is Hot Sails Maui chief Fireman Dioni Guadagnino checking the situation from above on his aircraft.

Unfortunately, this is the first photo I took that day and I didn't have the time to set the zoom right. In other words, it's zoomed in too much to really appreciate how frikin high he went.
But you can see that he has shifted his left hand back on the boom. You know what that means? It means he had the guts to go for a forward... without a wetsuit!
Fortunately for him, he bailed just before landing, otherwise right now his voice would sound more like his sister Colette...
Here are some other photos of the Firemen platoon (Dioni, Glenn, Andres and Juan Pablo).

When did I go to Oahu? Feels like a life ago... Here's my favorite shot: click on it and look at that expression of pure joy...

Here are some other shots of that trip. Sorry, no time to really talk about it. Just one word about Waikiki: Babilonia.

One last remarkable photo from Kailua.

That gives me the opportunity to move to the next subject.
I recently saw the movie:"Hawaii a message in the waves".
I was shocked to see how direct is the impact of our pollution on some animal species. The albatros on the northwest hawaiian islands (inhabited islands) die because they eat too many plastic objects floating on the surface of the ocean and in their stomach there's no more room for food.
And after they die and decompose, the only things left are a handfold of feathers and the plastic objects that killed them. Still there, ready to kill more.
Since then, I'm trying hard to use and buy as little plastic as possible. But it's a really hard task. Our society is based on plastic.
Most european countries have differentiated garbage collection. Here, it's up to you to bring it to the recycling center.
In most european countries, you pay for those damn plastic bags when you shop.
Here, they give you 6 free plastic bags for 10 items.
The lack of care for the enviroment in this country is astonishing.
Please, do something in your world to make this change. Anything, even the most little thing can make a difference.
Last Sunday I went for a beach walk on Baldwin beach with some frieds. Here's what we collected.

Not bad at all for such a big beach. Collecting that shit made us feel good. Dropping it in the trash made me feel bad... it's going back to the environment... and we even added our little plastic bag...
Boy, what a tough problem to solve!

Uff, I got more to post but no time. It's a bit frustrating.
Bloody Sony's support...


robin said...

Hi G.P.,

Good to see you are busy, busy enjoying yourself! When doing that, time just flies! I've just finished 4 weeks of holidays in the Netherlands. Our summer so far sucks but we get wind and waves in return for it! Spend many, many days windsurfing, s.u.p. sailing, s.u.p. surfing and longboard surfing. Nearly started to feel like some Italian dood on Maui ;-)

As for the Freaks, I voted for the green one. Nice design! I'm doodling away over my 3 Freaks (2 of them done, for one of them still clueless).

Good post on the environmental thing. Never got the point of all those plastic bags. If everybody just got them a good cotton (hemp) carrier bag and just refused using those silly plastic bags.... Believe me I'm no saint when it comes to the environment but some things are so effortless.

Another one to think about. Tomorrow the Live Earth concerts will take place to raise awareness of climate change etc. Critics have calculated that the energy used for this event (staging it, broadcasting it, all the t.v. sets tuned in, transport to and fro the concert etc, etc, etc) will cause an extra output of CO2 of 50 tons.

I hope it is worth it.

Keep on enjoying yourself!

Anonymous said...

The perspective on the height of that jump isn't lost since we know the masts below are around fourteen feet tall. I love this shot because of his wonderful body/board position.
Recycling isn't important to a public that sits in COSTCO's parking lot talking on a cell phone and running the S.U.V.'s V8 with gas to facilitate the air conditioning. My buddy Fred used to wave at everyone around him and say, "They're all fucking idiots." Thankfully some of us are exceptions Giampaolo... MB

nico said...

ehi gp chiedi se si possono avere con QUEI disegni qui in Italia.ciao

butt plug said...

damn, those sails remind me of my first windsurf 1986 red marlin.

cammar said...

Hi Robin,
enjoy the ocean... till it's there!

Hi Bob,
I love his body/board position too. He esitated that forward to the last possible moment... big courage.

once I place my order those sails will be added to the existing color list:
Then you can order them over the internet.
The ones available in Italy in the shops are only the ones that the importer Link s.r.l. order. So it depends on them.

Butt plug,
nice name!

BTW, I just added the story behind the dolphin to the post.