Thursday, October 09, 2008

contribution post

A post made almost entirely by contributions of readers... thanks guys!

Jace Panebianco sent me this clip of one of those Glenn's backloops.
Wow! So nice from the water... Stay tuned for some big news from Jace. Mmm.. what can it be ????

Cookie's video of one of the good days at Hookipa last week.

Untitled from windsurfing fever on Vimeo.

I believe if you click on one of the links under the video, you'll end up on Vimeo and will see the video in HD.
Not worth to do that for the next one, since it's a lame ride from the blog author (after a nice aerial of Levi). Believe it or not, this is probably the first time I see a video of myself riding a wave on a shortboard at Hookipa...
I'm mesmerized by how much I suck.
At the same time, I'm mesmerized by how much fun I have despite the fact that I suck!!

giampaolo from windsurfing fever on Vimeo.

Pietro Porcella sent me a couple of shots.

Blog reader Sam sent me the link to this really well filmed and edited short video.

And Sharon is testing yet another camera. This time is a Canon with an amazing 20x optical zoom that looks like it will pass the test...

Last but not least a few beach lifestyle photos taken by Maui's most prolific stalker.

I'm reading "Stalking for dummies".
And I'm writing "Memories of a stalker".

Allright, no waves here in Maui this week. Thank god there's a big one round the corner... so long.


mystery bob said...

The video Sam contributed of Yann Sorlut F60 is terrific. It is way better than the one Naish rider Julien Taboulet F100 has out which proves it is not the money that matters with a video but the photographer/editors artistic ability.
I also enjoyed the link to Sharon's blog and her warnings about our food. It reminded me of Rell Sunn. She thought that her 14 years of fighting cancer could be attributed to her and her friends playing in the cool mist formed by the DDT spraying truck before anyone knew better...
That new camera is way sharper than mine. I'm impressed (and jealous).

Lano said...

You are way too hard on yourself GP, I thought you did great on that wave, just need to drive through the bottom turns maybe? I am excited by what I saw of Jace's footage (liked that track as well) - Glen makes those back loops look effortless

Nice Stalking - I am learning from the master

cammar said...

haven't seen Julien's one, but agree that Yann's one is really well filmed and edited.
We are what we eat... shit, in most cases!

if you mean Jace's first movie, The windsurfing movie, that is a must have one. Great footage and great soundtrack. I personally liked a lot the Backyard's section. Polakow does a couple of turns in it that just blew my mind.
Thank god, looks like Jace's not done yet...
Hard on myself? It's all relative. At Hookipa in a good day (that means with the good guys out), I'm consistently the kookest in the water.
Couldn't care less, but got to be honest and admit it... it's all about the fun, plus I'm the one with the biggest improvement potential!! :-)

uglyjiber said...

Don't forget Dave's GoPro video at Epic Sessions Blog!

fswp said...

plus I'm the one with the biggest improvement potential!! :-)

lol, that's the way of thinking :D