Friday, October 17, 2008

Epic wavesailing (three days ago...) + Superfreak design contest

Hard to report on an epic session after three days... the stoke is starting to fade out, but I'll try anyway and I hope that those photos quickly taken by Tato (gracias!) in a five minutes stop at Hookipa will help.

Let me list the components that made my session epic.
1) the waves. Head to logo high with a shape at times absolutely perfect: a big bowl upwind and gently peeling down the line for 4-5 turns and an eventual aerial section at the end.

This is Kai in a beautiful bottom turn.

2) the wind. Perfect 5.0 side off.

Judging from the gear, that could be Robby Swift.

3) the tide. Low enough to be absolutely flat and chop free for some of the best bottom turning conditions ever.

Camille Juban.

4) the crowd. Something like 10 windsurfers and 5 kitesurfers that thinned out towards dark.

Ferdinando ends up in the downwind section of the channel and almost gets sucked into Lanes... I wasn't there, but I can tell from the photos that those conditions weren't easy...

5) my gear. My 5.0 Ultralight Superfreak is so good that I returned my 5.5 regular Superfreak, 'cause I wasn't using it anymore even in really light wind... by the way, this last one is for sale at the shop Kanaha Kai. It's the yellow one with the blue dolphin in the photo below (that was one year ago, brand new). Used very few times, around 300 bucks I believe... soon on the online shop too, so if you're in Maui and are interested hurry up before it ends up somewhere else!
But what actually really made the difference was that Goya 81l that I put back together. Once again, a very good design from Francisco/Keith.

6) the sunset. Unbelievable, no words for that.

In the end, a day so good that it may well end up being the best of the winter! I'd be stoked to have 2-3 more like that... let's hope so!


I'm looking for a cool design of my new UL quiver. If anyone feels like contributing, the very simple Superfreak custom design system is here. Follow the instructions to save the file and send me your suggestion. It has to be UL, so use the the UL colors at the bottom of the palette wherever the system allows you to put them on the sail.

Wow, that was quick! A few hours after I published this post, blog reader Jan sent me his suggestion. I want to publish it because it's a good one and it was the first one. Thanks a lot. Can anyone do better?


Anonymous said...

It is Camille Juban i think from Guadeloupe, french Antille, and not Flo Jung.

cammar said...

I met Camille this morning (before reading your comment) and asked him:"who was on a black and white gun sail at Hookipa on Tuesday?".
He said:"mmm... oh yes, Marcos Peres!"

Funny that none of us thought it could have been himself!
Actually it is higly possible that I asked him:"who ELSE was on a black and white gun sail at Hookipa on Tuesday?"...

Anyway, no doubt that it is Camille, I updated the post. Thanks.

Andy said...

Gotta love the ridiculously clean side off!! Looks like a suh-weet day!

Ray said...

Wow! When did they start using a grooming machine on the waves at Ho'okipa? Looks amazing.

Ponobill said...

Hey GP, back in Maui on the third or november. See you then. Can't wait to get back.

Where is the Jeff Henderson wavesailing video--I can't seem to locate it.

cammar said...

Bill, just click the link to GP's youtube page on the right of the blog main page...
See ya soon.