Sunday, October 12, 2008

great party + new blog sponsor + swell on the rise

Thanks a lot to the guys at FWD hawaii for throwing a great party at their shop in Haiku.
Rather successfull I'd say and a lot of fun (with a remarkably high pussy factor).

I'd like to welcome a new blog sponsor: Muai Ultrafins (see the banner on the right). Thank you guys for believing in the potential of this website.
Blog readers, please make sure to let them know you got the link from this blog if you end up getting in touch with them.

Here's the latest blog monthly stats that show the exposure ads get.

Advertising on this blog is still damn cheap: I'm running a limited time special for fifty bucks a month!!! Take advantage before the prices will go skyrocketing...

OK, enough of that crap.
The NW buoy has just (Sunday morning) started to register a few readings at 16 seconds from straight north. The size is still small (3 feet), but the steepness of the Surfline graph is promising. I believe we'll have waves by the late afternoon and tomorrow is going to be pretty damn big with light offshore winds... killer surfing ahead!


Jeroensurf said...

He Cammar,
The Muffinbanner suprises me a bit, because you didnt really liked the fins.
Did they made you a offer you can,t refuse (chopped of Quatro-nose in your bed????)
Or did they just confinced you/try to build you a customfin that works for you??

cammar said...

Hi Jeroen,
thanks for bringing that up.
First of all, my opinion has nothing to do with the ad. The ad is there because the company invested in a banner, since they believe it's going to help their brand.
Gimme fifty bucks (not for long!) and you can have your own banner too!!!

Regarding the fins, I didn't like one particular aspect of them (though quite important for the kind of sailing that I do), but I liked all the rest.
I believe it's impossible to find something that excels in ALL aspects, since any design would always be a compromise between different characteristics.
And I tried them for a total of two hours, so not an extensive test at all.

More details of what I thought about them (and what other sailors did) can be found on this Hot Sails Maui forum
thread and on the Maui Ultra fin website, of course.
As you can see, there's people who love them... right? ;-)

I'll take the opportunity to clarify that buying a banner space on this blog won't have ANY effect on what I write on it.
An advertiser buys the banner space, not the blog content.

Lano said...

Hey GP thanks for the pic of the party, looks like it was a great show. Was there a door prize for Keith Taboul look alikes, a few baldies represented?

cammar said...

if there was such a contest, for sure Pascal didn't win it...

for some reason your comment doesn't get published. Anyway, the FDW Hawaii shop is on west Kuiaha at the Pauwela cannery.

Anonymous said...

For more picture of the Goya, Quatro & MFC party (FWD Hawaii), go to facebook!